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The Mayfly Game


Friendly Red-Backed Butcher-Birb Boi
This a little collaborative storytelling game my sister and I came up with as kids. It’s simple:

Every post describes an hour of a mayfly’s life. At the end of the 24th hour, the game ends. Each hour can be as simple or as detailed as you want. The goal is to create as crazy of an adventure as you can that lasts only a single day.

I’ll start:

In the first hour, the mayfly was born in a tuba. It was too dark inside to fly out, but a friendly tubaist came by and blew the mayfly out with a jazzy tune. The mayfly found the outside world to be filled with people wearing colorful beads and having fun.


Friendly Red-Backed Butcher-Birb Boi
Hour three.

It was a tennis ball that flew out of the nearby court. The mayfly is stuck to the ball as it spends the next hour bouncing down stairs and getting kicked through the busy streets until it comes to rest in a picnic basket under a tree in the middle of the city park.
Hour four-

From the prespective of the picnic basket the Mayfly can see two humans enjoying themselves. They were eating sandwich's, and laughing about something. Listening into the conversation the Mayfly heard, "So then I was like, no way, and he was like yeah, and then I was like-."

"Wow, humans are boring," The May fly concludes.

The mayfly notices one of the humans begins reaching back into the picnic basket. Its large hand blocks out most the sun.


Yee to the haw
Hour Five:

For some reason this lamp is very attractive. Its glow is very appeal-*bomp. Bomp. Bomp. Bomp. Bomp. Bomp. Bom- falls down to the ground on its back*

Ah, crap. How do I get up again? HALP! D:


Friendly Red-Backed Butcher-Birb Boi
Hour Six!

Our hero is sucked into a vacuum cleaner while trying to figure out how to move again. Inside is an advanced civilization of fleas that uses dust for EVERYTHING. Food, buildings, there's a religion centered on it, etc. The mayfly is told by the grand-superior-head-priest-minister that today is Emptying Day of the Great Purge Solstice Festival, and is given a front row seat to see this cycle's sacrifices to their diety: Gar Boj Kahn.