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Error Message: The message you have entered is too short.


Ever since the server move a few days ago I get this message on and off when I try to post


It eats my message too which is really irritating if I've actually taken the time to type out a detailed post. At first it seemed to be happening with every post, then it stopped happening, now it seems to be doing it again.

Am I the only one?


I have the same problem. I also get an error message when sending private messages which says "Please complete both the subject and message fields." The problems both seem to have the same root; not detecting the entered text.

Edit: Okay, I found what was giving me the problem. It seems that blocking scripts from "yahooapis.com" prevents any posts or private messages from being sent. If you have a script blocker like NoScript, try allowing "yahooapis.com" and see if that fixes the problem.
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Ahh thanks, That was the first thing that came to mind, but for some reason I never actually got around to testing if that was really it. Does anyone know what the yahooapis script is actually for? There's no need to have some external script just to check for blank posts. I suspect we're being spied on.

*adds yahoo to "The List" along with google*