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The Most Annoying Songs You've Heard.


smell-good badger

C'mon Will Smith, get your shit together.


What is this internet?
Anything on the radio. There isn't much that are catchy.


Rants like a Gryphon
"Never gonna give you up" by Rick Astley. Even BEFORE everyone and hteir mom started posting the damn thing, it was annoying as HELL.

natari the husky

newbie husky
I have no idea why but this song annoys me so much.

Oh and also this song:
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Deleted member 3615

Sometimes this "variety" station is on at work....and I'm not a fan of "light rock" or whatever you wanna call it:

"They paved paradise to put up a parking lot...mmmmm bop bop bop"
"A heart attack ack ack ack ack ack, you aughta know by now"

There's a lot of modern stuff that's really annoying too (obviously)

"Whooooa-oa-oa, that's what makes you beau-ti-ful"
"OOOH I heard you like a wild one" <----(Plays every friggin' 30 minutes)
I'd think of more but I haven't listened to the pop/hip-hop station in a few days.


memes, you say?
Literally anything by Johnny Reid. His voice is sandpaper to my ears.


Hobbyist Couple
*sniff sniff (snort)*
The number of people who mentioned Rebecca Black's "Friday" being horrible has restored my faith in humanity... and furries.
*sniffle snort (loud noseblow)*
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Brain Emo
The most indie song in the world and the moment I lost all faith in the Flaming Lips. She's just so goddamn cute, isn't she? To believe these guys made The Soft Bulletin... :mad:



The Seventh Stranger
I know there are songs that probably annoy me even more, but the one that comes to mind the quickest is "No Rain" by Blind Melon. Oh, wait, I just thought of one even worse-- "What's Up?" by 4 Non Blondes.

Yeah... the '90s mostly suuuuuucked.



The most obnoxious thing about that guy is not his girly singing voice but the fact he looks WAY too young for a comb-over/male up-do abomination. But I think most pop music is really bad.


Living a Boy's Adventure Tale
(Dont post any really long songs on here. Try to keep the songs short so the thread doesn't get closed.)
I searched to see if this thread had already been made and couldn't find one.

This thread is for the must annoying songs in the world. They can be annoying because they make no sense, get stuck in your head for hours, or they repeat the same crap over and over agian. If the song is annoying, post it here.

I'm gonna start things off with one of the must annoying youtube songs ever. Once you hear it. It gets stuck in your head and will never leave.

"Never gonna give you up" by Rick Astley. Even BEFORE everyone and hteir mom started posting the damn thing, it was annoying as HELL.

Because I whole-heartedly disagree with you both, I present to you the following versions:

Cake Mix

Ben Liebrand Extended Mix

Escape From Newton Mix

Escape To New York Mix


Instrumental (long version)

Wish there were as many versions of Eiffel65's Blue (Da Ba Dee) and Loverboy's Working For The Weekend so I could do the same to JDogTheHellhound and Kaamos, respectively. >:)

I win. GG. It's over. Can't be topped. Close the thread now. :V


Pack Beta
... Anything by the White Stripes. Does that qualify? ... Though... The Seven Nation re-mix done by the Glitch Mob recently was enough to make me tear myself in two about them...