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The most complicated thing you remember


kleptomaniac for knowledge
What is the most mind boggling thing you know off by heart, can you sing blackilious' alphabet aerobics, or do you know 100 digits of pi? What's the hardest thing you know?


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Ohms law and Murphy's law were drilled into my head from day one of AIT and I can still recite both but they don't apply to anything I do for a living now.


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I guess the fact that I know a lot of airport identifiers (Los Angeles KLAX, Chicago KORD, Detroit KDTW, and many others)

And my knowledge of many different kinds of planes from airliners, to recreational/private aircraft, (except military aircraft. My knowledge is limited on them)


Professional meme inspector
Honestly I think the most complicated thing I've done is fix an 8 year old computer with a paper clip.

I've also memorized most if not all of psalms from the ritual romanum in vulgate latin


Cute cow that likes computer hardware
I remember everything I have seen, Things I have seen can appear in my mind as an image.

Deleted member 111470

Dunno, I am kinda dum. But I have been able to solve a level 6 Hanayama puzzle.

Jackpot Raccuki

Vibing Raccuki
How an entire game is programmed and how it processes data and your player input, along with how the "Bot" determines what items or pathing to put based on one's performance.

In otherwords, I've spent too much time on Left 4 Dead 2 and know how to manlipilate bots (And the A.I director who manages items and the world paths) for the results I want.
And I'm aware of what I can't change.


Movie Buff, Aquascapist, Hack Writer
I have encyclopedic knowledge of more modern movies, actors, directors, fun facts about their productions. But the mindboggling thing is all the quotes I remember--if you quote a line from a movie I've seem more than once in my life I can probably identify the movie its from. I slip movie quotes into normal conversation every day and almost nobody ever notices.
Pretty useless really.