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The Most Hilariously Offensive Songs You've Heard.

Echo Wolf

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I would have to say Johnny Rebel takes that horribly offensive cake in my book.


Note: I'm not racist. lol


Soaked In Sin
Stephen Lynch is one of my favorites.

Daddy likes porno and $10 whores,
Daddy gets wasted and robs liquor stores,
Daddy likes rubbing against little boys on the bus,
I think that's why mommy left us.
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ya'll wanna single say fuck that
fuuuck that fuck that (fuck that)
ya'll wanna single say fuck that
fuuuck that fuck that (fuck that)

Bipolar Bear

Phallus Fellater
Offencive to Bronies, not like anyone cares..

I think that's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. But I don't see how it's offensive. It's just Spike smoking weed. I think a lot of Bronies might actually laugh really hard at this.


Wishes he could fly

I know the song was already posted, but I find it more hilarious and offensive in this context


Son of a WHORE!
Can't believe this one hasn't been posted yet.


Son of a WHORE!
Dickhead, fuckface, cock-smoking motherfucking asshole, dirty twat, waste of semen hope you die

I haven't heard that song in AGES. Thank you for that nostalgia rush. <3

Echo Wolf

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This one I just really don't get, I mean what kind of an adultery sensing nose does this chick have? Seriously...


Gucci Mane

i kind of dig that more than one person here knows johnny rebel


david allan coe loves the homosexual community


YOUR EYE'S WILL BLEED!!(extremely offensive too eyes)
You have been warned.

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my name is lucifer, pleased to meet you.
^what the fuck is offensive about that

while we're discussing it, what the fuck is funny about that


Fine, I'll post it.


edit: lol let's drop that level of offensiveness
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