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The most toxic game communities



Gamefaqs is total toxic joke, on the xbox one board they have like 4+ threads there full of xbox fanboys crying over anything negative. Heck one known PS4 troll there got article by jimquisition of him laughing at a thread of the troll crying over a satire article that jim made.


Fun game, shitty community, survivors above all


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The toxicity is one of the main reasons I don't play much multiplayer, and when I do it's more casual games like Critical Ops or something. People can be real asshats when it comes to any online game. I remember playing Black Ops online for the first time and I got yelled at by an 8 year old. I do not like multiplayer games, which is sad because playing with people is way more fun than playing with ai.


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Overwatch is toxic
Oh,right.Overwatch has a lot of people that pick waifus and don't get me started on the porn Overwatch has had since the game came out.It's a fun game,but the community just ruins it for everyone. (I still play Overwatch,though.)


overwatch's community looks pretty toxic Edit
:somebody already said that so im going to say dark souls