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The Narcissism Vault - Freebie Art Requests


The Seeker of the Destiny
it seems you´re too busy...ill leave my request for later...but at least ill leave a comment : YOU ROCK MAN!!! your art its great!! XD..


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Hey! I'm glad I caught this in time then... How about one for an old friend? =3
You know me, and my FoxSlug, and your welcome to be as creative as you want. ^.^

You bet.

Sorry for the delay guys. I'm running my portfolio around NY Comic Con so I've been going back through my portfolio and making adjustments to shit everyday.Tommorow is my last appointment and its with wizards of the coast.

Next time I post it will be with your art. Thanks for waiting and the comments.


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Voltemand, awesome work, cant wait to see what else you come up with/ cant wait to see what you come up with for me.


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Oh my! Your art is pretty damn amazing.

I wants some.

Could you do a picture of this character for me? Her name is Rivkah, and she's a chubby, grey, anthro house cat... Seen here. She wears a collar with a peace sign charm on it [instead of a tag].
She loves coffee and tea and hot chocolate. ;D
How'd the appointment with Wizards go?
Hey how's it goin?


Floating by.....
could I bother you for a little piece of artwork? I've only had a commission done once sadly, and that's my avatar! Just a little something would rock. Fofie is a green, white and black wolf. (You can see the crazy colors in her fur in the picture :) just blue and yellow!) Take your time- I'm a poor cosmetology student :)