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The newest member of DJJUMPSTA77:Outback Jumpsta

Jacob Bender

Dj jumpsta’s human form
outback is now jumpsta's bro.jpg
Hey guys, Jacob of DJJumpsta77 here. If you follow the User Sorcerermickey911 like me, you may know his fursona outback. Sadly SorcererMickey911 ran outta money to raise this kangaroo, but luckily, I was able to adopt him and give Jake Jumpsta a brother from another user.
You may remember outback the kangaroo from Jotahota and https://www.furaffinity.net/user/so.....erermickey911/. Well recently, he ran outta money to raise this kangaroo, but luckily I had money in my paypal that would make this special kangaroo become my fursona's bro and best friend, turning him into OUTBACK JUMPSTA!!
His traits that havent changed: Bouncing like a normal kangaroo and of course, as stated by sorcerer he can bounce on his tail like tigger, (which my kangaroo oc DJ Jake Jumpsta can also do).
He is friendly with kids and stores his favorite things in his pouch. He also still kicks with his powerful hind legs.
My traits n tricks for him: He can literally make boing sound effects (his favorite is jews harp boing sounds just like human me and dj jake jumpsta ) when his feet or tail or ball touches the ground. Outback Jumpsta now has learned how to bounce on a hopper ball like Jake Jumpsta, he is me and Jumpsta's assistant when we are making huge trance sets.
With training from Jumpsta, Outback now has a back to carry ANY SIZE human (myself included) and like jumpsta, he makes sure no man or woman misses out on his bouncing fun. And he was able to teach jumpsta how to jump properly (while he did have the six ft sky high part down, jumpsta couldnt maintain the shape of outback or a real kangaroo's jump). Like jumpsta, he only is angry if you are bullying him or his friends or being evil to them. Feel free to drop by and jump with us!
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