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The Nightmare Scenario


Curse of The FenceHat™
I can't make up my mind. With only 2 or 3, one or more drop out and it is like a good chunk of the interaction just disappeared.

- - - - - -

Everything always have to be perfect when I'm making something. If something goes wrong, everything falls apart.

My interest in RP is pretty much dead/dying. There is nothing creative and new to hold it or give me a reason to continue. It's abandoned at this point.
No offense, but it sounds like you're either doing it wrong or getting with the wrong people. I agree with what @Yaruzaru said, and RP scenarios can be a trick to set up and get going. Yes. Especially finding good people. It's far from impossible, however. I'm pretty careful about who I run with and about one in three end up dropped prematurely. All of them end up satisfying in some way. Just have to come to terms with the fact that they won't last forever or be 100% perfect (like anything that regards imperfect beings). When you do have one that's good, enjoy it to its fullest while you can.

Not saying push this particular RP forward. At this point I'd agree this idea has fallen through. What I'm saying is that with a viewpoint like that, you're dooming things before they begin. Just some friendly advice.