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The oddest music video you've ever seen?


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I don't buy shoes.


I don't buy shoes.


Not gonna lie, I think I have you all beat here...

I present to you, "Find Candace" by Venetian Snares.

note: this vid is HORRIBLY unpleasant and uncomfortable to watch. NSFW as well. :/


The thing about this video- each image/ group of images is matched to a certain sound in the music. This is the same guy who wrote the record "songs about my cats" that when played through a spectum analyzer actually has images of his cats embedded.


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Marilyn Manson's Music Videos are bizarre, that's why I like him.


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Rubber Johnny -- by Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin

I remember buyign that as a DVD special and feeling a little ripped off by the fact that it was only 6 minutes long, and I spent a good £15 on this thing...

But still, the DVD has a *nice* selection of production and concept photos which pretty much look like someone trying to eat and throw themselves up at the same time.

The pictures are worse than the videos in my opinion, as they hold a very realistic look to them.


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I make bills for your thrills


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Well, that would either be Rubber Johnny from Aphex Twin, or Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out

Papi the Fox

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and nobody mentions Daft Punk...

Technologic and Around the World. Two videos that'll make you give one great big "...WTF."


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Tool does have bizarre vids...*watches them drunk*

*LOL* yeah. Try high. Actually....don't. Except maybe Vicarious. That's tame enough not to fry your brain.

(CAThulu sez: "Don't use drugs...unless your over 21, then only herbal.")