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The Official FAF World of Warcraft Roster List


Cutest lil bastard ever
Morikai level 80 Human Death night
Atelia Level 80 Dranei Shammy

Deathsilence level 80 undead rogue
VollyCaster level 80 troll huntard



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Azuremyst, lvl 80, rogue Moridenith, dont plan on buying time until cataclysm comes out though and then ill probably have a Worgen >.> still like horde

Other Char
Jaalavrang (i think) on Elune lvl 40 Druid healer Night elf
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Lemme add another one to mine (Goes with Markoh)

I'll edit the level later, but he's an undead rogue
Same server, Crushridge

Ch1cken Sniper

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I'm on Arygos (Eastern-US PvE), level 71 almost 72 Dwarf Hunter called Mourneris.


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Heeey! I've been wanting to play WoW with some fellow furs for a while now. Most of my mains are in the Kael Thas server all but one are alliance. But I am willing to start a new toon on servers with more furries. Just PM me for my characters names.



Ruckh, Wyrmrest Accord (80 troll rogue)
Yir, Wyrmrest Accord (80 night elf warrior)

Uhhh and a few assorted lower-level alts. All Wyrmrest Accord though.


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Rezlad ( 80 Mage Blood Elf) Ragnaros
Ziras ( 80 Druid Tauren) Ragnaros
Rakinos (80 Forsaken Priest) Ragnaros

For The Horde!!!!


Araea, 80 Human Warlock (will be Worgen come Cata), on Moon Guard
Vörel, 80 Draenei Paladin on Moon Guard
Wildstorm, 80 Night Elf Druid on Moon Guard (will also be worgen)
Bullethorn, 72 Tauren Hunter on Scryers (part of a team my husband and I have)
Ebonstone, 72 Dwarf Deathknight (when cata comes out she's getting a name/race change)

I play both Sides; Araea was originally Forsaken until I hit 80 during wrath and realized her server had absolutely NOTHING going on horde-side. so I moved her to the server all my RL buddies play on- they play ally =/

My favorite races have to be Forsaken, Tauren, Orc, Draenei, and Worgen <3
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Prince of Wolves
Lemme add another one to mine (Goes with Markoh)

I'll edit the level later, but he's an undead rogue
Same server, Crushridge

I KNEW IT :p Anyway the following are all of my 68 + people.

Let's see

Crescenté - Troll Priest 80
Fatewinds - Troll Rogue 80
Saphrence - Orc Warlock 80
Shaymi - Tauren Warrior 80
Feyt - Tauren Hunter 80
Efai - Blood Elf Mage 80
Karistos - Tauren Death Knight 80
Fenrari - Blood Elf Paladin 80
Morgam - Tauren Shaman 80
Dreamgate - Tauren Druid 80

Fenrirsulfr - Tauren Shaman 80
Nasari - Blood Elf Mage 80
Saphros - Tauren Hunter 71
Rakevos - Tauren Warrior 73
Eclipser - Forsaken Priest 68
Nidhoggier - Blood Elf Warlock 70

Sigilis - Dranei Priest


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6 toons all together, 3 ally and 3 horde. All of them are on Skywall server
Ally side
Lazaria-draenei holy pally-main
Naytalia-night elf hunter
Razaylia-gnome rogue

Horde side
Zedora-blood elf warlock-main
Jaszara-tauren resto druid
Raijula-troll tanking dk

Xavier Foxx

Stormscale EU
Blood Elf


I'm on Khaz'goroth. I get the feeling I may be the only one XD

Oh and I have the names Marlinka, Zordrak and Zaeffra at the moment.


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I play on Black Dragonflight level 80 hunter Dankore. Tauren. got a lot of characters spread out over other servers but nothing over 40.


Oh Derpy! That's not a letter
Solveig - Ravenholdt

Right now though, playing Arkady on the Beta server Lost Isles if any of you happen to be in the beta.


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Eonar - US - Horde:

Firekeeper: 80 druid
Furrykeeper: 74 hunter
Fuzzykeeper: 80 shaman
Yiffyiff: 17 priest (anyone want to level? ^_^)
Milkkeeper: 35 warrior
Heartkeeper: 25 paladin

PM me for real id infos and stuff. more wow buddies is always a +. :>


Stonemaul, US, Alliance (Actually looking to change servers, Stonemaul sucks nuts.)

Kehntwo: 80 Warlock
Nexnactu: 80 Death Knight, can tank heroics and pushes about 7.4k DPS
Ihasabandaid: 31 Druid

The account is inactive at the moment because I have nobody to play with. o.o


Music Techy
Stormrage, Europe, Alliance

YoshiChief: Human Priest

(I also have a character on Azuremyst although I don't use him atm)


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Greeko lvl 71 Tauren Druid - Shattered Hand
Mythidas lvl 80 Dranei Shaman - Drak Thron
BrightHooves lvl 45 Tauren Druid - Emerald Dream