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The Official FAF World of Warcraft Roster List


Ambered Amaranth
My main is Hellhoof, 85 Dranei Hunter on The Underbog


When in doubt: C4
Alright, I've only been playing the Starter Edition so far. Might upgrade to the full thing eventually...I want to save up and get the full Cataclysm upgrade though. ($60 on battle.net)

Anyways, I'm on Baelgun

And my characters are:

Rozzel - Human Hunter lvl 11
Elinaria - Blood Elf Hunter lvl 20

Quick question:
To upgrade to cataclysm, all I need is Lich King, WoW full and the Cataclysm right? 'Cause that's what they're selling on battle.net, however, if I need the other one, it's $2 on amazon, so not a big deal.

Also...why do we need the Lich King pack? I'm playing the game it's already talking about the Lich King like he's dead.

But...I know I want to at least do one or two more test characters, once I get Cataclysm, I'm going to be a Worgen chick. I just need to figure out what class I want to play to lvl 85+ as.


New Member
For anyone who is interested, a friend and I started a guild on Moon Guard a little while back that is completely made up of furs- We're only level 3 at the moment, but have 100 members, and are pretty social. We don't have any class/race restrictions, and only have a few rules, one of which being that nothing adult goes on in guild chat. Check us out if you're looking for fellow WoWfurs! The guild is <By Claws and Paws> and we're ally. =D


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Server- Sargeras
Toons- Freyia 85 rogue Human
Kamiliareul- 85 DK Worgen

Server Velen
Toons Alistina 85 Pally Draenia
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Forgive Yourself
85 shaman ( resto ) name : Blù
85 priest ( disc /holy) name : Blû
52 warrior ( tank ) name : Blü

illidan is the server, and Horde M'fers.

Raymond Night Fur

Gothic Wolf
Area 52, (85 tauren DK "main" Crowl), 85 tauren druid - purfect , 85 undead warrior - voidoflife , 85 tauren shaman - gotmilked , 85 orc hunter - Therianray , 85 undead warlock - deatharmonic , 84 bloodelf pally - Furaffinity , 85 worgen priest - Furfright , 85 goblin mage - fumes
BlackRock, 85 worgen rogue - shadowfur , 85 worgen hunter - ganknyiff
Moonguard, 85 worgen druid - Crowl
Undermine, 85 bloodelf rogue - Stillstabin , 85 tauren warrior - bovinejedi , 85 worgen DK - Crowl

And a bunch of other 20- 70s i dont care to mention

I spent alot of my highschool years in WoW ^^;
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Current "mains"
Lexibelle - 85 hpal - frostmane
Amaranthe - 85 arms/prot war - Korgath
Jezebel - 85 huntard - Mug'thol.

I have all the classes 85 minus shammy and lock and have no intention of leveling them >_<

I strictly play horde, but I am always up for old world raids and stuff so add me if you wanna play..or chat :p

realid: duelbran@msn.com


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Alterac Mountains - Makoraias Lv. 85 Orc Mage
I play mostly Horde, but I sometimes dabble with Alliance toons every now and then. Kinda waiting on MoP to start playing again since I'm burnt out on DS. :S


Because, Mewtwo!


~Compulsive Animal Hoarder~
OMG how did I not see this??

Main is Embershot on Barthilas- Lvl 90 Troll Hunter

Kittykow - 90 Tauren Feral/Guardian Druid
Astralore - 89 Troll Enhance/Resto Shaman
Affluent - 82 Undead Frost/Blood Death Knight

+ a bunch of alts


Burnide#1264 ... Burnide, 90 Night Elf Balance Druid, Wyrmrest Accord US.



Reality Warp
I have a very large number of characters across 15-20 servers in NA-East. My mains are on Eonar; specifically Powerward [85 DK], Cantata [65 Mage], Aethelbrandr [80 Warrior], along with several others ranging from 15-65 I occasionally mess around on. It's probably best to add me by RealID, just add ariehl AT aum DOT edu


Banana Party
I played on Barthilas and Caelestrasz orginally. But these days I play on Bleeding Hollow-US

Alliance - Names: Hewge, Otter
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Navigator Mabel
All my characters are on Wyrmrest Accord, both Horde and Alliance side.
One 80 on Rexxar.

I don't have a subscription anymore, but I'm always looking for buddies to run around with and goof off.


The Krumpus's cousin..
For those of you who might be interested I have started an All Furry/Fandom guild on Sisters of Elune, Alliance side, it is open to just Furrys or Fandom (friends of furs), Not restricted to Worgen's or Panda's you can roll any Alliance race/class you wish, the reason I chose Sisters is most of my higher level Alliance toons are there so it would be easier to help people level, craft items, just all round easy, if your interested, roll a level 1, join and have fun, if you want eventually move a toon there if your not happy on your current server, I do have an all Horde server which is Hellscream and a Ton of alts, best to add me to RealID: atrumanimus@live.com or hit me up Via Skype: darkstormdragon1 and I will hop in game if I am at home and add you. Hope to see some of you guys online at some point :)


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Server: Laughing Skull


Levicorpus--Lv. 90--Warlock
Kedavra--Lv. 15--Hunter

(MANY MORE TO COME. Will edit as necessary.)


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Trying to gets back into the game, after taking a break for quite awhile. o3o Woulds luffs friends (or a guild for that matter o3o) to play with, run dungeons with, or moar! 89 Paladin, Kinori, on Moon Guard - Alliance. Or my battletag: Kinori#1885~!

*squeaks and flies away owo/*


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I'm a 72 (?) Orc Death Knight on Burning Legion. I haven't played in soooo long. XD

Edit: Oh yeah his name is Gruuz.


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Alliance on Lightbringer,Scarlet Crusade,Garithos, and Arthas(US). Ñelaria(Rogue),Ñetrak(Priest),Drakús(Warrior),Naltrak(Mage) all 90. Battletage is Shallus#1521


Shepherd of Fire
Decided to start again on a new email, so I've literally had one evening of progress.

Aerie Peak


Worgen Hunter


New Member
I am shocked that there has yet to be a single person from meh home planet! Unless I overlooked it which I feel is a possibility with all these names mmm.. Would be fun to play with some interesting people sometime.

Mal'Ganis - Girgorb, Undead Warlock


I am shocked that there has yet to be a single person from meh home planet! Unless I overlooked it which I feel is a possibility with all these names mmm.. Would be fun to play with some interesting people sometime.

Mal'Ganis - Girgorb, Undead Warlock

I am also on Mal'ganis. Hydric#1870
I just switched over to there getting ready for the new expansion. I've been Ally all my life but I'm finally rolling horde haha. Right now I'm playing monk, but I'll probably main my shaman come WoD.