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The Official FAF World of Warcraft Roster List


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Does this thread even live any more? Seems like there hasn't been that much activity in it. Might as well add my stuff could use some furry friends to run with now and then. Kinda been lazy/unlucky with gearing up.

Bnet: Starshadow#1550

Dawnbringer (Alliance)
Zaishara - 100 Worgen warlock http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dawnbringer/Zaishara/advanced
Zaisha - 100 Worgen Druid http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dawnbringer/Zaisha/advanced

Thrall (Horde)
Valzuri - 100 Panda Mage http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/thrall/Valzuri/advanced

As well as more low levels then I have the patience to list. Hopefuly, I didn't typo my bnet ID. -.-
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Well if anyone plays on the EU servers I play - all of which are on The Sha'tar pve/rp server.
Kinharia - 100 Rogue (A)
Mahria - 90 Mage (H)
Janidia - 90 Shaman (H)
Kanadé - 90 Monk (A)
Lucindia - 90 Death Knight (A)


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B-Net: Vanagandr#1547

Kel'Thuzad - Alliance
Syreilliia - 100 Resto/Balance Druid; Night Elf
GraceofElune - 100 Feral Druid; Night Elf
Ispreadumqt - 100 Frost/Blood Death Knight; Human
Blinkndot - 100 Frost/Fire Mage; Human
Shadowcloned - 100 Combat/Subt Rogue; Human

Bleeding Hollow - Horde
Holybhallz - 91 Disc/Holy Priest; Tauren
WolvenPanda - 90 BM/WW Monk; Pandaren

Add me if you'd like to game. Would love some furries on my friends list


B-Net: DylanM40#1937

Moon Guard-Alliance
Dylantm-100 Human Monk (Windwalker)

I have other characters but I barely touch them so it's no point posting them up for the time being I guess. Yeah hit me up if anyone is from the server or looking to change servers. I wouldn't mind having someone to run around doing quests or doing other stuff together.

Ahkrin Descol

RELIC Specialist
Jiserrphira - Silvermoon
lv100 Draenei Holy Priest

Not overly well geared but I'm always up for easy dungeon runs (working on heroics).

Raven The Wolf

Raven Wolf
name of the character, server, race, class, level.

RamenWolf ( Horde ) EU
Chamber Of Aspects but may be getting a realm transfer soon not sure which server.
Level 100 Combat Rogue.

Well I'm getting into WoW again so..

Name: Vauldis ( goes for any of my characters)
Species: Worgen ( I have another undead character)
Class: Warlock level 14
Realm: uh I think it's something like al'alkirk or something , and another character on ravencrest

I'm currently a f2p scrub
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