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The Onion Says Hi!

I am:
An Onion who looks like a Human with fuzzy blonde Hair. But its an Onion belive me.
(ok in fact i love to draw but i never thought about making myself a fursona... that needs to change quick! I am not sure what i am so i´ll take my time :D)
Well anyway! You can call me Zwiebel :) I am a 24 yo girl from Germany

Likes to do:
Art, Manga, Comics (i love shonen manga the most)
Games...Especially The binding of isaac and Garrys mod .. and saintsrow... and .. oh man... i like them funny games xD
Music Rock, Metal , Parody, Music that sounds good ... its hard to tell .. from funny raps to hard metal or weird japanese cute metal everything can be my taste but also theres a lot i dislike in each group
Bands: Ninja Sex Party, Steam Powered Giraffe

How did i find this forum:
I was brought here by the lovely Ti-killa.

Why am I here:
As i said i am an artist and i´d like to show you my art :3
My Stile is Toony and or Mangalike but thats just my prefered stile I am also drawing realistic stuff etc.
But often my stuff is really cute cuz thats how i like it :3

My Work:
I am a Product Design student. And i am a Graficdesigner.

Thats all for now
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