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The Origins Of Your Username

Monocled Unicorn

The Gentlemanly Unicorn
My username just kind of dawned on me one day as I was preparing to create a new account name, and to be honest, I'm very pleased with it. I get a surprising amount of compliments about it, and my IRL friends say it fits my personality quite well.

Monocled Unicorn

The Gentlemanly Unicorn
Apologies for the double post. o.o


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the first forum i went on, my name was rottweiler scoots. so as time and different accounts came along, it just shortened its way to rottyscoots.


When I first found the fandom I used the name DreamerHusky... but that's not where my current name came from, it's just a funny coincidence =P I disappeared for a few years, when I returned I couldn't even remember what my original username was. So I just re-registered as Dreaming since I couldn't even remember the name of my original account on FA (honestly I thought it was something retarded like SnowWolf)

It's sort of sad, Dreaming is a vague variation of an old fursona name. One of my older fursonas was called "NightmareSky" but I figured that'd be a stupid FA name, so Dreaming came to mind... I checked if it was registered already and it wasn't. Jackpot! It took me months to find my original FA account, I only found it after realizing that I'd used it on FAF too. I had that unpronounceable name on FAF for a while, Amerikusomething? I've no idea where the hell that one came from

And that came from a little cat in Kiki's Delivery Service..

Now where's Dreaming?
I kinda miss that avatar sometimes :c

Kit H. Ruppell

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It's just my fursona's name. His middle name is Heinrich,.


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My name is the misspelling of a Wild Arms 2 boss' name. It was one of my most favorite bosses (even though she was easy) from that game and was also a valued member of the team. I kept it as my own name ever since.


My name is the misspelling of a Wild Arms 2 boss' name. It was one of my most favorite bosses (even though she was easy) from that game and was also a valued member of the team. I kept it as my own name ever since.
I always thought Lomberdia was a region in the north of Italy


Selling bookmarks!
I always thought Lomberdia was a region in the north of Italy
Could be, I wouldn't know. If you google "Wild Arms 2 Lombardia" you'll see the mecha dragon. She also appears in WA3. I know the 'a' got turned into an 'e' but its still my name and I'm keeping it forever~!

Funny because I don't even like dragons.


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I've always used Nashida since my deviantART days. Nashida originally was an (embarrassing) Mary-Sue kind of character I wrote up when Yu-Gi-Oh! first got popular. I since then ditched the character, then repurposed the name for my fursona. As I started making friends and found other places on the internet I used the same name.

And where did I get Nashida from? It was an intentional misspelling of a Japanese surname (Nishida).


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When I first started the fandom, I was looking up stuff on dragon languagest and the like xD I came across "Kalith", which meant courage. So that was his name! When I went to make a Fur Affinity, however, some fuzzbutt already stole the spelling. So I became hipster, put an "e" at the end, and VOILA~ Kalithe was born :3


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Zeitzbach and Ellezard

Zeitzbach : Played Knights in the Nightmare. Zeitzbach Cemetery stage. OO I like this name. Kay will use.

Ellezard : Enfys, my OC, is a lizard and I needed to give him a surname. Ellezard goes along with Enfys really well and I'm like "Kay using it. It also sounds nice by itself anyway"


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my username i use on my youtube and what i had previously used on my deviantart and many other things was maddryoshka.
play on words between my name (maddie) and the famous matryoshka dolls. they're so goddamn fun.

then me and my friends started making fun of weeaboos about a half a year ago, and i had changed my name on dA to maddiedesu
for shits and giggles, and it's kind of just stuck, because nobody pronounces maddryoshka right. (ma-dh-ro-sh-kuh is how i pronounce it)


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I am actually getting a name change soon. My new username is gonna be Batsy. Over the years I have been known by many names, never really been able to stick to one for very long. I chose Batsy because
A) my fursona is a bat
B) I like the way it sounds
C) its simple and it sounds kinda funny


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When I was in highschool I used to RP on wolf rp forum sites and the main character I used was named Vespia, a brown, white, and black female dire wolf or timber wolf depending on what was allowed. Well, when I graduated high school and got into the fandom a bit more, I wanted to make a new fursona that fit the person I was now. I loved the name Vespia so I reused it and made my bunnyfox (bunnox) fursona. Then one day I went to sign her up on SL and the name was taken so I ended up making her name longer: Vespianna. It sounded pretty to me, but it felt weird elongating her name... glad I did though because now I love it. <3333


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Sweetheartz22 has a simple combination. Sweetheartz was my nickname back in jr. high and has stuck with me ever since. 22 was the age I was when I first joined FAF.


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my true name means nothing to me anymore. a digital singularity spawned and took me ti a vast digital cyberspace with residents of its own. i got infected bya digital virus and people started disliking me because of that "stigma." i ended up growing a few bad habits along the way such as illegal net boarding(a version of skateboarding), and thats when i called myself D Generate. i am Stigma D Generate.

if ur wontering why i have a "tox" suffix, well, sometimes i intoxicate myself in cybertoxins. you know, the kind that reduces stress and makes you feel sexy.


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My user name "un-registered" is just to put people on a tilt, making them think that there's an actual "un-registered" user using the forums.

Fursona name "Inu ōkami" (or 犬狼, Japanese for "dog wolf") is pretty self explanatory. I love Japanese culture and I love canine creatures!



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When I started to lose a bit of my interest in the Ace Attorney fandom(Where my previous usernames where "Diego" "BuddyFaith" & "BuddyFaithAKADiego"), I found this neat game and I could be a wolf character. I tried to be "Fenrir" but it was taken, I tried "FenrirDark" and it was taken, so I slapped wolf on there and because "FenrirDarkWolf."
Also, Fenrir comes from Fenrisulfr, a wolf in Norse Mythology. X3


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^Hmm... Norse... Mythology... *starts to drool* Fenrir, son of Loki and Angrboða and father of the two wolves who chase the sun and moon across the sky (and by Ragnarök shall swallow them), he is the one fated to kill Odin when Ragnarök comes about. He will then be killed by Odin's son Víðarr during Ragnarök. He is brother to Hel and Jörmungandr, and half-brother to Nafi and/or Narfi, to Váli, and to Sleipnir, and he is the stepson of Sigyn and Svaðilfari.

Needless to say, I'm a mythophile.


Oddly enough I wasn't the original person to come up with the name. My nieces and nephews did when I was wearing my little panda outfit, one of them pointed to me and said "that's Dr. Professor Panda to you!" and it pretty much just stuck ever since


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My original old name was TigerPimp66 but it just been a user name my furry name is my real life name Theron anyway usernames keep changing a lot but I stuck with this


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My name is from the word Xenolith. It is rock formation that is inside another rock basically. This commonly happens around volcanos, when magma engulfs rocks and later hardens. While I'm not a geologist in the least sort, the word was picked by randomly opening a dictionary and pointing blindly to a word. I decided to spell it with a Z since the word itself has a Z sound to it.