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The Origins Of Your Username


I usually use 'Silence' but that one was taken. I really like being in quiet company or being alone, and 'Silence' portrays that. But conversely, 'white noise' portrays the idea that most things people say are pointless.

And 2 and 6 are my arbitrary lucky numbers.
Well, like I said, this was named after my favorite song. The name change was meant to mark the general point in which I actually start this whole project I've been talking about, and what better name to use than the very song that inspired me to start the project in the first place?


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Begun as a typing error, then I deleted a character. Copper-k (intended) -> Corper-k ("typo") -> Corperk (without the "-")


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I was lazy.... I looked around the room, Saw i was wearing a FoxTail for a cosplay and then looked at my PC and the URL of the site i was on had Critter in it.
That's how i got my fursona's name "Fox Tailed Critter".


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Leon is my favorite name, and my sona is a lion, I'm pretty lame :v


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Sooooooo Yenanator was only picked because APPARENTLY someone on FA already had Yena and this made me sad. Yena comes from my Facebook page about Mightyena!

Yaaaaaaaay! Science!


In Inuit is means fast and I liked how it sounded. Unfortunately I found out from anouther furry that it means bitch in polish and several slavic languages. But I'm still going to stick with it.