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The Paper Ark

Fāna Farouche

New Member

Regarding 'lists' of 'anthro' books etc.

I know there are a few lists out there of relevant anthro type texts but I've always found them to be woefully short.

To counter this I began, a while ago, developing my own list (currently at a couple of thousand volumes at this point, I don't actually know).

I long had the intention of building a database driven website for this purpose. It would employ an SQL database with a PHP driven front end, but times changed and I began to favour a server-side javascript approach. Code was written.

Times changed, plans were laid aside.

Anyway, long story short, whilst I fully intend to pursue the original project (an online database of all anthro titles from ancient times to the present) I am also aware that shit happens and ambition is for nought.

So here's the list.

Please be aware that this is a working document, and as such, bits of it are entirely my own working vernacular, also some titles are not actually anthro. It is very much a work in progress. It is however a much longer list, so that's something.
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