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The person above you is your Valentine!

Lets all forget how lonely we are irl and love each other over the magical world of the internet! So what are you doing with or getting your Valentine above you? A romantic dinner? A box of chocolates? A half hearted slap on the ass and a gift card to the Cracker Barrel? The possibilities are endless!


peek-a-boo!!! I see you!
ok so i'll go ahead and bake a ton of cookies and we can eat them together! then we will go on a nature hike and watch all the cool animals :D we end the day with a movie and some great food!


Aussie foxy
Oh, hello! Haven't seen you in a long time. I'll take you to Chester, England, and admire all the old architecture together:)


Well Known Foxxo
We’re going out to topple communism throughout the world! Best Valentine’s Day ever ~

This ones for you bbycakes ;)


ʎʇʇɐq ʇıq ɐ
Idk all I want to do for Valentine's Day is shoot off a Nagant revolver. Drink some vodka. make an ungodly amount of mac and cheese and drink some wine and cuddle away the cold enjoying some warmth of company.

Can't really do the whole sexy valentine thing. Oh the joys of being a demi.