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The person above you is your Valentine!


ʎʇʇɐq ʇıq ɐ
Shooting a nagant revolver and drinking vodka sounds fine
Good then well bring more guns and blam inability to hit empty vodka bottles on weapons and not the fact that we emptied them.

For the love of the gods never mix alcohol and firearms in real life!!!

Matt the Terrier

Swing the Mood! =3
Let's see. You're a guy, so what I guess we could do is go on a double date. Get some girls to go with us. I'll drive us down to Peoria, IL, and we'll have a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse (a high-class steakhouse); and then when we are finished with dinner, we could go to the highest point in the city that's publically accessible, and just sit back and watch the sun set over the Illinois River Valley, and watch the city come to life at night. . .or you know, we could go wander through Bass Pro Shops


Well Known Foxxo
Let's go out to a fancy restarant and have a nice candlelight dinner before going back to my house so we can play video games ~

Deleted member 111470

I've heard you talking about grabbing a pint of beer a few times, so that sounds like a good idea to me. Maybe we can go to one of those "Irish pubs".


ʎʇʇɐq ʇıq ɐ
Drink tea, eat bananas, and hug. Sounds like a good time to me.


Active Member
Snuggles, many many snuggles with this doggo I am quite familiar with.

Sorry for the person below me though, you don't my bird brain for a valentine.


Aussie foxy
Aww:(. *snuggles anyway.*

We can go flying, me on a plane and you right beside the window, texting together and taking photos of each other


Well-Known Member
We can go flying, me on a plane and you right beside the window, texting together and taking photos of each other...
Winner of the cutest couple award... ♡




ʎʇʇɐq ʇıq ɐ
I want cuddles... its cold here.


ʎʇʇɐq ʇıq ɐ
Take over Eastern Europe getting shit faced on vodka. I'll go steal the tank.


Well Known Foxxo
Conquer France? Lets go to a movie instead ~ I hear there’s a good romantic comedy playing “Our Furst Love” that just sounds heavenly funny ^-^ then we can go to the beach afterwards and look at the stars, wonder what life is like elsewhere if it exists out there... and wake up the next morning on the beach to a nice breakfast before going and Invading those blasted francs and reclaiming Europe!