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The person above you just LOST their job. Why?

Liam The Red

"Dad" Fox
Got mistaken for a "don't walk" sign at a crosswalk. No work was getting done, so got let go.


Goodspeed, bootlegger, B-17 pilot extraordinaire
The Charmin people found you're backside just didn't have the right look for selling their products anymore, they needed a bear that looked a little bit better in red.

Kezi Avdiivka

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Oh deer O-O

To Ramjet: couldn't resist howling one day when the moon came up early.

Started dancing uncontrollably to jazz in the break room terrifying all the other workers.


it's a moth! it a dragon! no, it's a avali boi!
fired because your glasses fell off, but when you went to pick up the small glasses you had a wardrobe malfunction of which a few of your co-workers saw.


Smart batto!
Cause I'm your boss and my unfortunate hobby is firing everybody.