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The person above you opens a portal to a different dimension


it leads to the other portal you shot


An army of topless tigers each holding their own volleyball comes through. After a few moments of silence someone screams out “dodgeball”… it’s at that moment that humanity knows they’re fucked.

Ash Sukea

High functioning everything...most days.
I don’t know who thought of it but, even though I told you never ever do this, we need to cross the streams.


A protogen that wants a hug.
It sucks you into an infinite darkness, a void where nobody could enter until YOU opened the portal, you have doomed everyone here. LOOK AT YOUR MISTAKES!
(lol I would be a great author wouldn't I)


Joy Boi
Why do you always just use whatever dimension I put you in


Has anyone here seen the TV show sliders? I think watching that show is kind of critical to this discussion.


Fanatic Artist
A clan of Sesheyans