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The Person Above You / The Person Below You


da golden wuff
This game asks you to interact on a more personal level with forum members. There are limitless things that you can ask/tell about the person below or above you. (just keep it within forum rules please)

• The Person Above You - Tell the group something you admire about the person above you, what you imagine the person would be arrested for, what's in the person's pocket, rate the person's avatar or screen name, say whether you would kiss or shake hands with the person, say what the person was voted "most likely to" do, what you would say if you woke up in bed beside the person, etc.

• The Person Below You - Try to guess what the person is doing as he posts, guess who will post next, ask a question for the next person to answer, guess what the person likes or hates, ask whether the next person would rather do "this" or "that," make up an embarrassing habit that the next person either confesses to doing or denies, etc.

***I won't start off, because there is no one above me - have fun


da golden wuff
Alright, since you all a bunch of lazy...I will start it :p

The person above me:
I think the person above me is bloody awesome! Her artwork rocks too *wink wink* -cough- - self advertising --cough-
I reckon she would be arrested for being a lound obnoxious $%#$!
She got a comb in her pocket. If I met her I would faint from fright (doppledanger fear).

The person below me:
I reckon it will be some grumpy canine with PMS who comments next. I also reckon they'll be picking their nose and wiping it on the desk for their mom to clean up later. I think they hate potatoes and like pineapples.
Question for next person - what is your worst fear?


Late Healer Ferret
I actually hate tomatoes in most situations and have a job I dislike.

Person above:
I see you from time to time. You seem to have a good sense of humor and know when to stop a joke from going from funny to insulting.

Person below:
I bet you’re someone I see on this forum regularly.