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Hello everyone. I wanted to share a project I'm currently working on with those that might be interested. It's a transformation themed anthro visual novel that is being crowdfunded through Kickstarter and promoted through Steam Greenlight.

Mila wakes up among the Dread Pirates, who aren't what they seem. When she joins them on a high-stakes treasure hunt, she begins to transform based on your choices. Play the Demo now! And read more about the game on Kickstarter.

In The Pirate’s Fate, Mila and the Dread Pirates hunt for magical treasure. You’ll navigate stormy seas, seedy saloons and monstrous coves in search of loot. And be warned: you aren’t the only pirates seeking this treasure!


The choices you make will transform the protagonist, other characters, and the story itself. The game keeps track of what you’ve done, and different plot elements and romances will open or close accordingly. There are multiple branching story paths and secret endings for your journey. What will be your fate?

It's not as simple as choosing good or evil. Each choice you make will rest on different conflicting values such as loyalty vs. individualism, empathy vs. pragmatism, etc. For example, should you honor your word and share your treasure with a crewmate, even if you’re sure that having the treasure will lead them into harm’s way?


Each of your crewmates have their own moral compass, separate and distinct from your own.

For example, you can’t decide you’re going to “go evil” to get in the good graces of a particular character, such as Morgana. Her view of morality is different than Mila’s. You'll have to understand her perspective to impress her.


The Pirate’s Fate will feature a wide variety of transformations, many of which showcase non-traditional body types and presentations. Mila will have the opportunity to romance all of the main characters.

In many dating games, romances are governed by an “affection meter,” which goes up or down based on how much the character you are pursuing approves of your actions. In The Pirate’s Fate, there will be multiple paths towards romancing the same character depending on your choices throughout the game.

These different paths will show how different kinds of relationships are possible with the same person. Some romances feature their own transformations. Romantic interactions will include a variety of relationship types, including those across the LGBT spectrum


The more support we receive, the more features we will add to the game, such as upgrading the artwork to include dynamic poses:


Here is our current stretch goal treasure map:


Our Kickstarter will close August 15th, 2016.

Thanks as always and let me know if you have any questions about The Pirate’s Fate. If you like the project please help spread the word, and show us your support via the links at the bottom.

STREAM GREENLIGHT LINK: steamcommunity.com: Steam Greenlight :: The Pirate's Fate