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The Princess & The Demon Guard // // An Arranged Marriage


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The princess of a prosperous kingdom is to take on a personal guard after a failed assassination attempt shakes the kingdom. Even more, controversy occurs as a rookie knight-in-training rises to the challenge. The council surrounding the royal family is dubious of the pick, at best; the princess insisting after observing the royal army herself, over the past week.

She is a demon on the battlefield; slashing steel and venom that drips from her knife-like teeth. Eyes like a snake and hot like molten, angry rubies, hands like a hawk - taloned, large, and cold. The lean and nimble torso of an eel, with the strength of a bull shark. Gills to breath water and lungs to steal air, she was the abomination every army prayed to have on their own side.

And she was in love with the princess.


Neither party started out pleased, by the situation. Both refusing to marry young, to available bachelors of well-standing families, their fathers take advantage of a situation in dire need of repair.

The marriage of eldest children to strengthen the bonds between two countries, both still recovering from decades-long wars, started by previous kings. With tensions high between the people of each kingdom, it is agreed to help relations & future trade to marry off their eldest children and have them help lead the next generation of peace and prosperity.

Both expected to meet a future husband, only for the shock of another young woman, standing next to the neighboring kingdom's ruler. Neither of them wants to marry, but perhaps they can make this work?

Perhaps, something great can truly come out of this arrangement?

Literate Adult RP - possible NSFW (talk about boundaries on both ends before the RP, if this is the case.)

These are lesbian roleplays; trans women & NB people are valid characters, too!

Message me in which you are interested in, willing to discuss to change things/add things.

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