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the Raspberry Pi 4


Trash connoisseur
Neat. $35 for basic model . unfortunately looks to be outta stock everywhere....


I got a little more than excited when I heard a new Pi was coming out. @Tazmo I was guessing nowhere would have time in stock because I remember when the 3 came out it was several months before any were in stock.
I'm still stuck back on the Pi 2, but it's been awhile since I've had free time to make a new project with it. Might have to snatch the Pi 4 and make time...

Anyone done any cool projects with a Pi before? My favorite was using mine as a WAP so I could control different things remotely.


Simulated Anthropomorphic Feline Intelligence
Dang it... And I just finished installing the RPI 3B into my fursuit... Oh well...