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The Rhyming Game

Niru the Husky

Can easily be persuaded with bacon...
When will you come and buy some ham ? With no scam :D

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven... I've to go...
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Elliot Manowar

Technicolor Dreamcoat
(Confused, I'll fix that, maybe you could rewrite it, so it's under that ?¿ Copy or sth)
,but I want to shout out loud REEEEE

Well I wrote this song for the Christian youth
I wanna teach kids the Christian truth
If you wanna reach those kids on the street
Then you gotta do a rap to a hip-hop beat
I gave...
my sermon an urban kick
my rhymes are fly
my beats are sick

my crew is big and it keeps getting bigger
That's cause Jesus Christ is my (AFRICAN AMERICAN COMRADE)

(I don't want to potentially say the n word in front of white people)


Miss KittyBat
Don't wanna risk booping that internet racism trigger

Always better to be safe than sorry


aka Cutter Cat
Let's sleep out tonight, the sky's pretty starry

We'll cook up some hot dogs, and maybe some s'mores


Miss KittyBat
And when we get sleepy... I hope no one snores!

We'll snuggle up close, while the firelight dies


Trash connoisseur
For so much pie, I have ate

It’s time for veggies, for healthiness sake


No longer using this site
And all I have to sell is a bottle of dye.

Tread lightly, for you may never know...

sleepy kitty

(◡‿◡✿) ꪑꫀꪮ᭙
But dinner last night was so stale and horrid.

I rap and I rhyme like Eminem and Dre

sleepy kitty

(◡‿◡✿) ꪑꫀꪮ᭙
(Sorry but I HAVE to reply to my own rhyme)
Ugandan Knuckles asks, "Do you know de way?"

Pickles are good for a midnight snack