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The Term "Furfag"

south syde dobe

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Its the nicest word you can use to describe a furry lol though if I was called one it doesn't make much sense, I am a furry though not obsessed with the fandom and I'm straight x3


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Originally started as an insult by stupid people. Then people realised that it wasn't that insulting and was actually quite funny.
Nowadays 'furfag' is an informal term for furry (as 'bloke' or 'guy' is for man).

I don't find it insulting and if anyone ever means it as a insult, I start laughing my tail off at them.


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As stated earlier it's the context. I have friends that I (when joking) call them Mexicans. They obviously know it's a joke however, and poke fun at me back.

The whole "Yiff in hell, furfag!" thing I take to be an insult due to the fact that it's mostly used by furry haters or random trolls. In the case of the latter, I generally pay no attention to it.

I have a few friends who call me a furfag and then tack on an extra fag somewhere because I'm gay. Don't really care, because again, I know they're joking.

Also, the N word was used WAY too many times on the first few pages. Lol.

Kitsune Dzelda

Yknow, lately ive been getting trolled by a certain person that calls me a furfag out of derogitoriness. I really could care less what someone who wishes me harm thinks.

Dont you seem to see the logic in this too?