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The Uncanny Valley just got a lot deeper




Yes, that is a robot. Extreme creepiness begins ~0:16.

No, there aren't any realdoll versions of this yet, but it can't be far away.

I'd love to see one of these put on ChatRoulette and see how many people figure it out.


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Oh my fuck, that's awesome.

And fuck you guys, I laughed like hell at 0:16.

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He has trouble smiling :V


Fucking hell, that thing gives me heebiejeebies. Its movements are still robotic and jerky but it's a fucking dead ringer for a human upon a visual evaluation. The two combine to make something extraordinarily unsettling.


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Yet another step in androids' evolution, nothing new. Why's everybody freaked out? It's not like you didn't see it coming.


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He looks like a character in a Robert Zemeckis movie.


I laughed wayyyyy more than I should have at this.

I wanna see it talk though.

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It looks like someone has been playing with one of those model mods to make some terrible HL2 or L4D comic...except with better graphics


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It looks more realistic and acts more human than many nerds I've met in real life. For starters, it has a sense of humor.


The speed of some of those motions made me think of only one thing:


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If AI becomes sentient, do we give it rights?


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Oh my fuck, that's awesome.

And fuck you guys, I laughed like hell at 0:16.

Hahaha me too. Pedo alert much? :D hahahaha
Yeah no, that thing looked about as real as the LA Noire character maps coming up - It's just freaky and very noticeable that it's not real. The eyes are too big, the hair looks like it's from Second Life, and the bags under the eyes don't look right.


I'm disappointed that the face cheeks don't go up when smiling. They've had all this time and money sunk into the project, they've seen people with natural smiles for ages now... they can't identify that important component of a real smile versus a fake smile?

The robot looks a bit better if you look at a related video that shows it breathing. Still, the movements are too jerky and too *slow* to be believable. And the face still looks too much like plastic, I can tell even from a still screenshot that he's not real.

Please, scientists, look at Valve's work on characters in the Half-Life 2 universe. And then look at L.A. Noire. Get ideas from those two games on how to do faces right.