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The User above you is your maid/servant What would you order him/her


Queen of FaF. Empress of Fløøf.
Fetch me a cuppa please. The Queen is thirsty after doing strenuous royal duties.


Hello, Proto
Get to wear a maid uniform and clean the carpet you just scooted across


Hello, Proto
I'm running to be the supreme ruler of Florida and need you bring my election campaign to the people that matter. VR chat users.
Hey, you wanna run that hole, I'm down to help.
Get me some tacos first

Deleted member 111470

Hmm... There's this fancy place in town where they sell avocado sandwiches. Be a dear and buy me a couple.


Spotted Skunk
I've been in need of a knife holder for my kitchen and you look perfect for the job, so I choose you to be my personal knife holder!


Be a dear and deposit a check in my account at the bank for me please!


aka Cutter Cat
Scour all the dumpsters in the land and find me discarded antiques.

sleepy kitty

friendly, frisky feline
Go to ALDI and use the money I give you to buy me two big cases of mineral water, then use the rest of the money for a nice dinnercat any restaurant in town (you have $25 to spend after buying water)


Chaotic Neutral Wreckage
I demand coffee with latte art of cute cats.

*presents photo of a coffee with latte art of a cute cat*

Food Craver - Cafe R&C 04.jpg

Didn't say it had to be a real cup'a joe.

Now, go be one hell of a butler and make my boss give me a raise.

Deleted member 111470

Clean the dust off my place. You can then hang out with me for the rest of the day.

Deleted member 111470

Oh dear...

Well keep going then, you're not free until my place has been dusted.