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The user above you just started a war, how?


A metric conversion error in their nominally civilian space program caused them to launch a cube satellite on a perfect high-speed collision course with a militant space power's manned mission, which was destroyed by rapid unplanned disassembly thanks to the satellite (now debris) moving at a relative impact velocity of 20,000km/hr. This was taken as an obvious act of war and used as a pretense for a retaliatory strike. Not wanting to ruin all that real estate, they launched an EMP device and took out the entire electric grid in the dead of winter while concurrently besieging central authority with external crisis they could not ignore. As a result of the power outage, many elderly and vulnerable individuals quickly died, and still others succumbed eventually to to disease and famine and violence and suicide. -..Legacy.-- had been interning at the space center, doing metric conversion work for them. Though not aware of any connection to the war and genocide, they tried to make their way cross-country to unite with their family, but were set upon on the highway which they were walking by foot by a herd of irate yokels who shot first and asked questions never.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Multiplied like rabbits, and as more and more carrots and other root vegetables, lettuce and other vegetables vanished from gardens around the globe, war on rabbits was declared!


Woof? Woof
You simply exist. People want your skunkiness for themselves. Your incredible charm topple empires and ruin nations.


The Trickster coyote.
You attempted to kill humans so you could take the power of their souls & didn't leave enough milk to have a bowl of cereal in the morning.


You didn't salute a foreign diplomat.

(A relative of mine almost started WW2 several years early by not saluting a German diplomat. When asked if he saluted his superior officers, he replied "Only British ones")


Declared war on Otteria and Rabbitesia for the spot of sluttiest furry race. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE

I hope you don't have a problem with sex jokes and the like? It's all in good fun really


The Trickster coyote.
By leading some visgoths to attack the roman empire.


Woof? Woof
You ate a burrito. That burrito built up so much gas, you ended up in gassing half the planet.


back to Aussie foxying!
@Yakamaru, your declarations outlawing awoooing was your undoing as dictator, having provoked the Awooo rebellion which escalated into a full scale civil war. Western intervention sided with the rebels.


The token panda
we found out you were an anti awoooing terrorist, you attempted to overthrow the supreme leader, thus inciting a war


Duality Fluff Dragon
Panderia started a war with azeroth because you refused to fight for or heal the knights of stormwind during their time of need against the horde. Good jaerb!
... Reports are just now saying you weren't a panda, I mistook you for one. Oh well, war happens anyways.

Fenrir Likan

Anthro/Feral Wolfo/Coyote Gurl
You insulted a highly respected father figure to the wolves. Your kind decided to fight back. A short, but still bloody, war ensued.

Needless to say, you all died.
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Fenrir founded a liberal democracy that placed the people above parochial monied interests. She quickly eliminated social scourges such as illiteracy, hunger, and predatory business and gentried pathological self-interests. Not content to let social equity stand, those interests formed evil alliances with external empires, now enemies, who quietly worked to subvert the state system of prosperity that Fenrir had carefully cultivated over many years to help and elevate the people they selflessly served because it seemed noble to them.

The empires were determined to make an example of Fenrir's little model society, poisoning the well so as to demonstrate to the world why sociopathic capitalistic predation is 'always preferable' to equality and collective prosperity. Endlessly, the external forces quietly cultivated evil memes, self-destructive memes, given out with a straight face as if offering children poison candy. While this quickly introduced many form of strife, it alone was not sufficient to bring down Fenrir's equitable land. And so, next, the external empires manipulated the international systems of finance to crash Fenrir's currency, but the people still had heart and each other, and even this couldn't pull the walls down upon them, and they endured in austerity, making art, poetry, culture for each other, celebrating their own noble spirits in dignity.

Finally the external empires just dropped a nuke. It doesn't even matter if it's a real or figurative one, genocidal-like effects took root and destroyed, finally, Fenrir's civilization, its survivors scattered to the four corners. But even then, its memory lived on as legendary, immortal, and eventually, it inspired many more to follow in their paths to build flourishing-on-Earth for all.
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Simply opened their mouth in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Biker bars are not a form of Disneyland.