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The user above you pushes a button, what does it do?

Wulf the Jackal

Just a cutie
The button slaps you for copyright and demonetize you.


Staff member
The button removes your soul from your body and sends it into an existential black hole to the consciousness nether, where it must fight its way back to your body.


Professional Watermelon Farmer
The button sends you on a way one trip to reform school!


Friendly Red-Backed Butcher-Birb Boi
The button adds more hours to the day so you can accomplish more before going to bed.


Queen of Laziness
The button takes you to the 4th dimension.

Your brain couldn’t handle it, so you turn insane for the rest of your existence.


Trash connoisseur
The button gives you a bar of dark chocolate


Staff Dragon
Old: The button corrects sentences that make people's head hurt.
(Apparently the forum didn't show me new stuff)

The button allows you to call anyone from anywhere and anytime.


Will fly you around for hugs and pats
The button teleport you into a room with no doors or windows with a giant screen on one wall and a giant clock on the other counting down for 24 hours and the only thing that plays on the screen is all the single furries.