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The user above you pushes a button, what does it do?


Professional Watermelon Farmer
The button gives @Tazmo a new sink with one of those sprayer thingies, and a new sponge, and also a new bathtub, and a new washing machine, and a new dishwasher....because raccoons like to wash things. It also sends a muddly 'ol skunk over, who gets the throw rugs all muddy, gets paw prints on the towels, and on the dishes and glasses. And jumps up and down on your bed, and gets that all muddy, too! And....needs a bath. : P


Trash connoisseur
Oh my! This is going to be fun! Hehe.

The button conveniently cleans everything, that the skunk, has gotten dirty. *gives me more time to wash @Simo * : P


The button gives you a free VPN so the FBI stops snuggling on your personal data
and everything you do, hear, say or watch