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The user above you pushes a button, what does it do?


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Hmmmm, whenever you push the button whoever's name you're thinking of dies.

But you must provide a face in your thoughts so people sharing the same name are spared.

If you can think of a cause of death within the next 40 seconds, it will happen.

If a cause of death is not specified it will be a fluff smothering attack.

Lastly, if the user uses the button, but does not use it again 13 days after, they too will die of a fluff smothering.

This, is the button.

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The buttons spawns a mosquito in every person's bedroom at night, while they're sleeping.



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The button makes flares drop out of your plane


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*presses button*

*Pirates of the Carribean music plays*

Aye today be a fine day for plunderin'. Hoist the sails, fly the flags, and set a heading for the mainland. Tonight we ransack the walled marts, the liquored stores, and the king of burgers. We shall grow fat with thievery
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Gives you one random event, but it's subtle so you will have to pay attention to notice it.


vaporeon with Axolotl gill array as neck fin
It turns everybody into an adorable eevee :3

presses over and over again


The button starts the microwave for 59 seconds, its 59 so 9 is not left out