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The user above you pushes a button, what does it do?


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The button causes a stick to come out and pokes a nearby ball, which rolls down a track and into a bucket. The bucket gets weighed down and presses on a pressure plate. The pressure plate ignites a stream of powder, which makes a hissing noise and snakes along until it reaches a pile of logs. The pile of logs ignites, boiling a pot of water and causing a frog that was in it to jump out and land on a see-saw. The see-saw launches a domino into the air, which then lands precisely and knocks over an elaborate path of dominoes that when knocked over, makes a large sign that says "Hope you have a wonderful day!"


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The button bonks you with a baguette


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The button causes the sun to emit a solar flare.



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the button sends a binary code to be translated into varying voltages and sent over a wire into the computer...
we are not sure what happens next