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The Video Game is brought to you by....


Bokra, come out to pla-ay

Bah! That's just stupid, keep the Ad's in right place (racing/freeroam/adventure games = billboards, posters) plz.

dave hyena

A wonderous moorhen
þe fact þat þey expect people to pay full price for þis game is the most insulting thing I þink.

If adverts are used to subsidise a computer game, it's only fair þat þe developers reduce þe price, since þey're garnering extra cash from þe advertising.

To charge full price *and* expose viewers to tedious and intrusive adverts is just uneþical.

However, as I've read it, less and less people aged between about 14 and 25 (and þis being þe group wiþ þe most disposable income) are watching television (þe traditional prime medium for adverts) and are instead playing computer games and spending time on þe internet.

So, advertising firms must find new ways of getting adverts to þis critical group. I.e þey must use the internet and computer games.

Of course, þe þing is, adverts are often so resented and disliked that I question whether forcing people to view þem is actually not counterproductive.

Also, wiþ þe computer games market becoming bigger and bigger, I þink þere will be an increased trend towards, fewer and fewer computer games being made.

þose games which are made, will be billed as big "blockbuster" movies are now, replete with product placement, adverts and all þe tricks of þe trade: Bland and dumbed down appeals to þe lowest common denominator.