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The Wandering Rat


Finally comfortable in my fur!
Well I guess this is happening, not expecting many responses, but I would like someone to... Teach me how to do this! Im new to a lot of things at the minute, and need good schooling on this format.

Doesnt nessecarily have to be NSFW, but I am partial to being dominated from time to time! (Man that was bizarre to type!) I am much more of a M/M kind of rat, but am open to anything else!

So for the record, I am an extremely shy femboy but have recently been feeling things that Im hoping this will help me with! Though if I can just be cute with people, that would be good for me too!

Im wanting to increase my literary skills through doing this, so I can create a couple of graphic novels for FA. One NSFW the other SFW. I wont nessecarily use these encounters in the novels, (unless of course you want me to) but I would like the experience of a completely open roleplay.

If anyone is even remotely interested I can send a Discord name, or if your on some other format, I will happily get that too!

Just be a little patient with me ^v^ Im kinda nervy ^v^ but keen to learn!


New Member
I'm always happy to help a someone dip their toes into rping! If you're ever wanting to chat just let me know! We can discuss ways of chatting in PMs of you'd like!


Finally comfortable in my fur!
Thankyou friends, understand this is mainly a 'practice' over substance thing, I just want my writing to be as good as I can get it! Dont want people getting the idea that im a cheating little slut bag, but I do really need the training XD. I shall be in touch once Ive worked my work life and home life out, till then just know, gratitude is abundant!

Im new to this stuff, so please be patient with me. Its been a long road, but Im beggining to see light down the long road now! I hope I get to see the end of it one day ^v^!