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The way of artist, help!


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It took some time from where I started the adventure of a furry artist. about a year and a half
I thought about writing earlier, but I managed to do it somehow. Till today.
I'm starting to get annoyed because I do not know what I can do to make my work better.
I also have a dilemma in which style to go. I tried in many ways and I do not know anything.
I am using SAI v2

Here is my fev arts i want to share
Gladiator Torsan SFW
Don't be shy kid NSFW
Chief of the tribe NSFW
At Beach NSFW

Only I am happy with the line and anatomy.
Generally, I do not want to limit myself to one animal and only to anthro, because I would also like to play in Feral form.
At the beginning I had a problem with the line but somehow it passed.
My problems are:
- How to make my work better, cool. (shades&light)
- My Background is SUCKS, i never try and i dont know how to even start.
-What with style. What should I do, what not.
I was browsing a billion arts.
So, now i'm lost and i beg for help ;( (criticism is also welcome)


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I think you're definitely going in the right direction if this is how your art looks after a year and a half!
You're probably at the point at which formalizing your art studies would be the best thing, so let me share some resources I've found really useful in the past years.

For human anatomy (you're right to be happy with your anatomy so far, but I think you can do even better):
Basic Human Anatomy, by Roberto Osti
Dynamic Anatomy, by Burne Hogarth

For animal anatomy:
Natural History, by DK (this isn't an art book, but it has a great variety of beautiful reference photographs)

For lighting:
Color and Light, by James Gurney (don't be put off by the fact that this one calls itself a painting book, it's a great reference for all artists)
Light for Visual Artists, by Richard Yot

For backgrounds and perspective:
Perspective Made Easy, by Robbie Lee

You might find it easier to practice backgrounds if you spend some time drawing just scenery without any characters in it. Start really simple and work your way up to more complex things. Scenery is one of my weakest points as well, so I know your pain.

The most important thing is to keep drawing and trying new things. Don't be afraid to experiment with something crazy; even if it turns out bad, you'll have learned what about it didn't work.


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Well, everything would be nice, but english it's not my first language :< i'm from EU :(
But thanks anyway for help


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The books I listed aren't too difficult in terms of language.
Maybe skip "Light for Visual Artists", since that one is a bit more wordy.

For the others, if you were able to read my reply, you shouldn't have too much difficulty reading them. :)
Some of them should have editions in many other languages as well.


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I noticed in your bgs you blur the whole thing, which makes the characters look like they are floating. You want to be thinking about which parts will be "in focus" vs. "out of focus", like a photograph.


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Yeah i already got it , just need a practice about that.

Sorry you asked for help with your backgrounds but only two of your examples had backgrounds and they both were just really blurry to the point that you become unsure what they were meant to be. So that's all I could really comment on them.


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I'd say experimenting with different poses, that will give you a better grasp on anatomy (which you're not lacking in) and will help you develop your own style