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The Website Upgrades; "What Do YOU want to see??"


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So I'm sure everyone's seen how FA is upgraded, and I've not been on it too often, but am now coming back full swing as I start to get back into sound design and working with animators again.

I DO love the visual upgrade, and it actually makes exploring FA and people's pages more intriguing. There's a sense of going through people's pages that is definitely way more engaging than it used to feel.

That said, what do you guys want to see done as the site goes forward??

I'd love to see furry-motes (colored ones) that we could use in journals and in reply entries. This would make it so maybe you could personalize emotes or just something to encourage critters to engage with each other more, making the comment section more fun.


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I'd love to be able to switch between the new UI and the old FA UI. I suppose some of that stems from being exposed to the old UI for several years and having grown fond of it, but I also really appreciated how clean and straightforward it was. The new UI looks like something a CEO pushing his 60s idea of what is trendy and modern. Like he took a look at Buzzfeeed's front page and said to himself. "Yeah, those Fortnite kids will love this."

Not that I won't get used to it, I probably will, but it's not much my thing. Haha.


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Sorry if that's a bit harsh, I suppose I could have worded the response with more tact in mind.
But you didn't. Unfortunately, I've never played Fortnite, so I'll never know if your insult was a good one. =P


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But you didn't. Unfortunately, I've never played Fortnite, so I'll never know if your insult was a good one. =P
Yowzers! Insult is a dirty word, guess my quips really missed the mark. I only peddle in jokes and comedic exaggerations, that only seem to resonate about a third of the time, but hey, it's the passion and the will that matters most! At least that's what I tell myself. :p
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-Full block system (blocked users can't see your profile or posts and vice versa). This way I can probably go back to FA again at some point . . .
-Tag filters, as everyone has suggested, and I see is going to be an option in the future. Also possibly a way to filter out certain users' uploads too, without full-out blocking them, like with people who consistently don't tag their fetish art so it gets by your tag filters.
-Also like Dragoneer mentioned, character profile/bios would be a good thing to implement.

I'm glad to see that FA is finally getting some long-needed upgrades, though.


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Would be awesome to be able to change profile names on the site, kinda sucks being stuck with one, and being realistically made to make a new account if you want to have a new sorta 'identity'.


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I'd love to see a name change system for the main site. Not that i need it myself, but it would be nice to have. Also, if it isn't there already, maybe something to help discourage people from tagging their blatant vore/inflation/fat fetish art as general audience? Perhaps an alternative tagging option for fetish art that doesn't exhibit genitalia or suggestive content but is still very much inappropriate for a general audience tag? Yes, i know the 'adult' filter exists, but these people seem to think it doesn't apply to their fetishes.


My top list of priorities:
  1. Tagging and filtration system
  2. Built-in marketplace + auction system for YCH, commissions, and more.
  3. Improved support for writers and musicians
  4. Character profiles & bios
Interesting ideas, I hope this means that all stories will have visible tags on the preview image before opening them because a ton of them get lost in the shuffle. It would be nice to have no "YCH" ads gunking up most search results because it's a pain in the ass. Maybe make an "advertisement" category, since more and more users are paywalling their content behind patreon and just essentially post clickbait previews that don't actually have content on them. It would be nice to be able to report those elsewhere or blacklist them.


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My top list of priorities:
  1. Tagging and filtration system

Oh boy, I honestly hope this means a more streamlined experience for tagging, like how other sites have a sort of alias system for similar/the same tags.
Male, Man, Guy
all aliased to eachother, so you can search for Male and find posts tagged with all of those. Instead of needing to use a conglomerate of fifty different keywords in your search just to cover specific things.

And also forcing one specific way as the main, such as if you tag it as Man, it shows up as Male.


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My top list of priorities:
  1. Tagging and filtration system
  2. Built-in marketplace + auction system for YCH, commissions, and more.
  3. Improved support for writers and musicians
  4. Character profiles & bios

OvO i want to see them ASAP!


1. I'd like to have PMs - both inbound and outbound - forwarded to my email, so I gain the full search and folders system, and the backups, without FA having to try to implement it explicitly.

I don't care about answering PMs by email.

2. Per-user n/sfw would be awesome too: some folks' nsfw is too extreme for me but I love their sfw stuff, while other folks' nsfw stuff I'm comfortable with. This would be in addition to the blanket 'office-safe' setting.


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Some updates I'd like to see happen are...

1. Automatic Removal of deleted/deactivated watched accounts from our Watch Lists.

For the sake of preventing clutter, since we cannot remove deactivated/deleted accounts from our lists ourselves. Another option would be the ability to un-watch a deleted account from the "The owner has deactivated their account" page. If automatically removing them via their deletion isn't an option, including this would be a god send. At least half of my watch list is full of dead accounts that I can't remove, and it really messes with my OCD.

2. Updated Artist Information

For example...

normal said:
Shell of Choice:
Operating System:
Personal Quote:
Music Type/Genre:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Game:
Favorite Game Platform:
Music Player of Choice:
Favorite Artist:
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Website:
Favorite Food:

Updated said:
Community Name:
Date of Birth:
Best form of Contact:

Furry or non-Furry:
Community Hobbies:

Favorite Food:
Favorite Drink:

Favorite Music Genres/Types:
Favorite TV Shows/Movies:
Favorite Anime/Manga/Comics:
Favorite Books/Authors:
Favorite Video Games:
Other Favorite Things:

Preferred Music Program:
Preferred Game Platform:
Preferred PC Type:

Favorite Artistic Style:
Favorite FA Artist:
Other Favorite Artists:

3. A new spot for Furry/Fursona based information under artist information (similar to how contacts and artist information is separate; if not filled out this - like contacts - won't show up)

For Example said:
Single or Multiple Sonas/Characters:
Name(s) of Fursona(s)/Character(s):
Species of Fursona(s)/Character(s):
Reference(s) of
Fanart Permissions:
(Must pick; Allowed to be used in Fanart // Not allowed to be used // Ask first)

4. This one is small, but I'd like an "Email" and possibly even a "Secondary Email" slot to be placed in the Contact/Social Media section. This way artists and members have more ways to directly reach those they do business with without having to Hound them for contact emails should they be the type to not hand them out each time.

5. I would like submissions to be a bit more organized in how things are submitted, such as Stories having a short story option or poetry having a Lyrics option etc.

6. I'd like Story/Poetry/etc to have normal images instead of tiny ones that are most times difficult to read if people try to jazz em up and include information about what they wrote in them. I've seen some writing submissions have larger images, but I'd like for this to be default if possible.

7. I'd like for group pages to be more defined, and be allowed to have submissions sent in for approval directly instead of having one person control everything and have to do it all themselves

8. Push notifications for Watches, Comments, Shouts, and Notes would be awesome.

9. The ability to change your username four times a year "for free" (without bothering staff), but to avoid spamming or harassment, each time you change it you have to wait three months to change it again (aka like DeviantArt's system).

10. Removing the icon limit in profiles.

I don't really see a point in the limit, unless people decided to link literal hundreds of icons, but those profiles could specifically be reported for spam or something. If I wanna have thirty cool icons all around to either look pretty, advertise artists, or both I wanna be able to. It's not like FA doesn't have a thousand dead accounts (and dead account submissions) taking up space anyway.

11. Similar to my feelings of the Watched List being cluttered, I'd like for the "Commissions" tab to be hidden from people's own eyes if they don't offer them, and become a setting that they can turn on somewhere else in the options section. I don't offer commissions, so seeing it as apart of my profile just irks me for some reason.

12. I'd love to have a chat on site.

I'd like for Furaffinity to have a chatroom for members to just jump into and socialize actively together. Perhaps with a small spam filter or something on it. That, or maybe a dedicated discord server with a Titan link or something for people to see the chat on the website. I dunno. Just something more "FA-relative" as random roleplay discords aren't my thing and joining artist specific discords always feels like signing up for telemarketing lol.

13. Better eye protection

I really, really, REALLY want the ability to block certain tags from the searching/browsing function including art in people's favorites and galleries. I don't mean to kink shame here, but if I have to see one more disgusting dirty diaper or a sweaty obese antelope getting rammed I'm going to vomit. Enjoy what thou will and all, but please don't make me have to see it in order to browse other NSFW tags. Hell I've seen some of that stuff and more in the SFW sections as well so really there is no escape AND I NEED ONE. I'm sure people feel the same about this, other kinks, or even my own kinks (and that's completely fine - not everyone is into bdsm). But I don't think they - or I - should have to see it if we don't want to. Implementing a blocking tags feature along with something that allows members to add tags on art might help organize the site's submissions beautifully - and spare my wallet of future eye Bleach purchases.

[3.3.2020] Edit: Cleaned up the post considerably and added new suggestions.
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Here are suggestions i've in my head about Furaffinity:

1. In-site Currency

Some of FA users (including myself) are unable to buy arts on FA with usd. I think that would be great if we have an in-site currency type. Like points in DeviantArt.

2. An option to switch themes

The current UI is great but prefer beta one, I think there should be an option to change UI.

3. putting images in user bio/journals.

I've no clue why we don't have this option.



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*slams fists down* Get me that taglist!

I like the way E621 handles their tags, where the community tags it on top of the uploader's tags. My ideal tag filter thing would be this:

1) The community can add tags in addition to the uploader's tags. However, to keep jerks from ruining it, the artist could choose to delete community added tags, or there could be an approval process. (I for one would appreciate this, sometimes I forget tags that other people suggest).

2) The tags work off of associations. So, if you put in "Adoptable" as a tag, it also can be found by searching "Adopts" or "Adoptables". (I'm...honestly sick of seeing adoptables, and filters I use don't do the association thing)

3) Minimum of 5 tags to upload. Tag your stuff. :T

4) The filter itself! It would be nice if it could work off of both tags AND the description if possible. I know some artists don't put the content matter in the title, nor tags, so it's difficult to filter, but sometimes in the description (This won't be a problem if the community adds the tag, but some people are lazy taggers)

It would ALSO be nice to be able to sort your own tags in the filter. So, say you don't want to see vore, or feet; you can sort that in your filter as NSFW if you so desire, so even if you're browsing FA in SFW mode, those tags could be sorted as NSFW and subsequently filtered out.

5) Account stipulations to community tagging. Your account should be live and used for x amount of time before you can offer community tags (30 days?). This keeps lazy malicious entities from going hog wild and tagging things incorrectly. In addition, you can only tag so much within a certain amount of time.

But, here's some other things I want other than the taglist:

1) Profile customization. With the way DeviantArt's Eclipse is going, it looks like we won't have much when it comes to custom boxes. I'll miss them. Gib.

2) Character type tags (as mentioned above). I'd LOVE to sort by a feral tag tbh. In respect to that, the way F-List does theirs is amazing.


The 'minimum 5 tags' idea is well intentioned, but if the picture is just a badger, or random head sketches without any particular species for any of them, there's only one tag.

Community tagging is one of the things I like about e671 or whatever it's called.

And I hate DA's category nightmare - why do I have to select the same same same sodding category when I only ever upload one type of work?


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Ah! One big suggestion

Possibly an API, that would be really useful for stuff like setting up Mobile Applications
Here are suggestions i've in my head about Furaffinity:
1. In-site Currency

Some of FA users (including myself) are unable to buy arts on FA with usd. I think that would be great if we have an in-site currency type. Like points in DeviantArt.

Unless you can't use Paypal, there's no need for this; Paypal allows you to use whatever denomination you need and convert it. If you can't use paypal (usually because you're too young), the artist may accept something else, such as GooglePay or Venmo. Just ask.