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The Welcoming Place


Ohayo! Erm... Hi everyone, those unfortunate enough to know me know I have been here for a while, Yup... it me... xan_vega, the chick who refused to stay in a crowded chat room because she felt uncomfortable. It's good to see a few friendly faces and heres to hoping FA will return better than ever.

I haven't made up my mind if I will allow my stuff to be on ArtPLZ, I guess only time will tell.


New Member
yay im new shower me with razors!

:twisted: hello every one im new as you may see and im happy to be here sometimes i draw so i might have somthing for you i guess but im also useful if there is any car/truck you have seen in a movie and you want to know what it is just tell me im good at finding out this kinda stuff just email mewith a request


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Tentatively returning artist.

And the return is based on how things progress with FA coming back up, and whether qualified individuals will be appointed to help admin the site.


Latex will be returning... Expect more penii! And new! I am drawing pussies!


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hi im new here so yeah... hidiho! ;)