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"The Wild", A wannabe "Madagascar".


Not sure if this discussion has already been brought but "The Wild" was one of Disney's most shameful first attempts of a furry computer-animation. I mean it was a desperate attempt to copy key elements from Dreamworks "Madagascar". The only thing I could find original was the crazy carnivorous wilderbeast. "The Wild" puts "The Lion King" to shame as well.
I DON'T hate "The Wild" I only think it could have been more original.


Don't even reference that movie, ever. It failed miserably.

I honestly couldn't watch it. It had no humor, no charm. I got up to the little lion gets caught in the crate, and i got up, and walked away. It's, almost painful to watch. Still never finished it.

And don't get me started on the voice actors. Just, don't.


Should be in the Tube..

and it was alright.. Though it feels weird both pixar and dreamworks almost have identical movie line ups.


The Wild was in preparation LONG before Madagascar was, in fact, Dreamworks cut many corners in order to release their film first. If you look closely you can see many low quality animation segments (one of them being the scene where Alex is in the box looking through the peep hole after they fall off the ship).


To be fair, Madagascar wasn't a very good movie either.


i loved the character design in madagascar though at least.

I haven't seen the wild but madagascar was pretty terrible.


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Nice rendering, and the fur detail on the lions is a treat... so The Wild looks good in pictures. If nothing else.

I've only seen a few minutes of it, but granted that Madagascar released first, it's difficult not to draw connections between the two of 'em.


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I thought the quality of the models and the rendering was pretty good in The Wild personally. Plot was pretty dud though... as for how memorable it was, I hadn't thought about it until it was brought up here. Nor has any of my family mentioned it again, and my sister made sure we all watched it... }:=8P


I learned one thing by reading the replies. "The Wild" was produced before "Madagascar". Makes the issue even sadder. "The Wild" commercial wise didn't got a lot of attention. Which Movie got a SEQUEL? I don't see 'The Wild 2' happening any time sooner.
I agree that the life-like rendering of the characters in "The Wild" was very neat and as I said I didn't hate the film, I just feel it missed a lot of heart and soul.
On a side note I didn't felt that much for the cub taken away in "The Wild", but when "Madagascar 2" came out and the scene of Baby Alex being captured by poachers came, it was very touching. I guess it was the big blue baby eyes that did it.


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Ive still yet to see Madagasca 2, I thinPixar could of worked on The Wild's storyline some more. As someone had said previously "It lacks heart and soul" Or asomething like that, anyway i agree, i felt it lacked heart and soul to. However, i also thought Pixar did tghe animation itself pretty well. I liked the rendering of the fur, and the detail to the way different animals move.


Pixar DID NOT produce "The Wild"

Although we like to think Pixar is the only company doing 3D animations for Disney, "The Wild" is not the case.
Every movie Disney has ever had anything to do with has been shit, why on earth did you think they'd turn it around with "The Wild" :V ?


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The Wild was good, but Madagascar beats it by far.

I mean, Disney didn't produce any originality and they basically copied Dreamworks and their hit movie. Like I said, it's still good, but it could've been more creative.


Paul, did you read any of the other replies? The Wild was produced before Madagascar. Sure The Wild sucked very bad, but it didn't copy Dreamworks.

Also Madagascar was a shitty movie.


Paul, did you read any of the other replies? The Wild was produced before Madagascar. Sure The Wild sucked very bad, but it didn't copy Dreamworks.

Also Madagascar was a shitty movie.

I think is my fault this thread is still titled " "The Wild", A wannabe "Madagascar"." Oh well, like I sad if "The Wild" was produced before it makes the situations a lot sadder.
Madagascar wasn't super super but statistically speaking it beat The Wild.


I didn't watch it. Hated Madagascar first off...

I'll assume this movie is another 'Bad things happen to Special character x, character y goes on a journey to save him' thing? And the moral of it is something like 'Cherish your family'?