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The worst part about an MMO...


It's always good to get a good group. I play TF2 and L4D and sometimes you do get stuck with idiots or that one idiot, but on those games you can leave and try to find more intelligent people.


Dungeons&Dragons Online (can only talk for the European servers) has a rather good fanbase, probably because the average player age is somewhere around 32. However there aren't too many players by number so...that's the issue.


In my experience with WAR
Order is full of muppets and 10 year olds. Same is true of alliance on WOW



Bad enough that Mark Jacobs likes to play favorites with his precious Destros, Order has some of the poorest leadership and most idiotic self-centered oblivious little twats I've ever seen in an online game, even more than Guild Wars, and that's saying something. Little shitstains. They don't seem to understand the words "GET ON THE FLAG, DEFEND THE FLAG". And then when the Destro (usually a damn Witch-elf) makes off with our flag, half of them will just stand where the flag was, as if in total fucking shock.

Oh, and then they'll go lone-wolfing around, looking for any fight, and wander away from the main group... and god help you if you're a healer, because they will roundly bitch you out for not following THEM and being their personal pocket healer in favor of staying with the group, who NEEDS the heal support. Oh, and don't forget the healers WHO REFUSE TO HEAL, AT ALL. Archmages trying to run as purely damage (which they pale at compared to a Bright Wizard), refusing to use heals whether asked nicely or demanded to.


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^ i've had that loads on 9Dragons, being a healer on it myself and a 'mage' on another character. I'd be attacking an enemy,training my skills up, and then someone would randomly walk over to me and ask 'buff plz?'. i would do so if it was just once, or if it was one of my friends i was in a group with, but a few times have people constantly come over and ask em to buff them over and over again, which is really annoying ¬¬


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You know, I think the worst thing about MMOs isn't the other people, but I have a strong belief that a GAME should NOT feel like WORK. After it starts feeling like WORK, it quickly gets tedious for me and i stop. WoW got tedious for me before the trial was up, the same with many MMOs. The ONE MMO I actually like and still play is EVE Online.


I can't stand the since of a game being like WoW. I played it and to be honest I felt WoW to be a "Copy and Paste" of Everquest. When I played perfect world (mind you I only played once) It felt so much like WoW I never played it again. Now I has a new HDD and if it looks like WoW even in the sligtest I WILL NOT and I reapeat WILL NOT INSTALL IT

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That's why I canceled my WoW subscription and favor Runescape over WoW.

In Runescape you have the OPTION to work with others to achieve immense power within the game, but in WoW you are FORCED to deal with a bunch of other assholes to get the best items.


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That's every MMO is that ouy're almost entirely dependent on who you play with, and they easily make or break the game. It's happened with Team Fortress 2, the only reason I play on CC2 is cool is because I don't hear those fucking BONK songs or get yelled at by people who think the game is a concentration camp or a stereotypical army base. If I wanted to be yelled at, then maybe I'd join the army and even they won't tell me to "Rip off your cock and shove it up your ass".

Regarding what Tycho said about people bitching about the healers, I got that a lot from having played healers that weren't specced to just self-heal in Guild Wars, TF2 and others.

In the past hour of trying to find a good server of TF2, I received quite a bit of bitching from people who've likely never even played a medic since release. I'm trying to heal you, Demomen and soldiers. When you're at Red Health, you DON'T blow yourselves out of range of the medgun and then bitch at me because I can't keep up.
Scouts, when I invuln you and w'ere at a control point, that means STAY THERE. It does NOT mean to run OFF the control point and Leeroy. And if you get killed because I decide to invuln the heavy that's trying to capture the control-point instead, not the leeroy.