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*Revamping The Fandom*
A spiritually awakening tribe I figured many Furries may be interested in. It's a unique tribe which would definately turn heads in a group. In fact, the first professional Yasuku fursuit I see will get $100 from me.

This tribe isn't something I randomly thought up, just to try to start a trend, it truly has been devoloping for a while, and has true purpose, so I finally decided to share it for those who see in this tribe what I see. Feel the unity, clarity, peace of mind, freedom and bold confidence of the Yasuku. (Not Species Based)
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This actually looks awesome, it would be cool to see a fully drawn and colored one, sadly im artistically retarded so ill just wait around and see :)


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If you're willing to drop 100$ to someone to draw it, wouldn't it be better to get it commissioned from an artist? $100 would go a long way even for some of the best furry artists! :3

Also the way you've set it up feels art-contest-y to me and a lot of pros don't do contests because of the risk of doing work for free, just letting you know you might be eliminating artists that would rather be paid for their work! Not to say no one will do it, just putting it out there~


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Do you have more information on this species? It seems interesting though personally I'd be more interested in whatever lore they may have than just the designy bits. Things like why they have tribal markings, what their tribe does, where they live, etc?
I'm also rather confused on the money offering. Are you asking people to create characters for themselves, or suits, or...?


*Revamping The Fandom*
Ok, I kept it short just for the intro, but I'll answer all questions.

First off, no, I'm offering $100 to the first professional Yasuku fursuit I see. The person can keep the fursuit, sell it or do whatever. I changed it from "furry" to "fursuit" in the original post now, to stop the confusion.

2nd, it's a tribe, not a species, meaning if the eyes, antlers, fur/scales/feathers, tribal markings and color scheme all match to the picture, it's Yasuku, no descrimination.

Yes, brassy, of course you can join, either spiritually in heart, by having a fursona or physically as a fursuit. Obviously there are no pictures to use as a profile picture yet, but, feel free to share my base image with anyone you want.

3rd, their (preferably 3D Follow-Me) eyes are perfectly round and browless because it gives them an advantage. If they are all mad or ready to attack, the enemy will never see it coming, if they are all happy or distracted, a weak spot in the group can never be seen. The purpose of the tribe is having unity within eachother, final peace of mind, all troubles in that moment are gone. To have bold confidence in yourself through a blank expression, as you walk through and never feel scared, because if anything, people are more nervous about you than you are of them, until you show THEM they don't need to be. The antlers represents life, how they branch off as a family tree does. The Yasuku live, and love being in well lit areas, so all of their pure black fur contrasts their surroundings as their antlers skyscrape upwards. The tribal markings are dots, stripes, zigzags and other shapes. The Dark Purple represents the darkest "color" that exists, if "color" is being defined as a spectrum of light. Dark Purple (The darkest purple sold) is related to being mythical, mysterious, magical and in darker lighting, dissapears into black, leaving only the eyes to glow if eyes are white. The tribal markings are for those to see once approached, not to be seen across the room, which gives the markings more significant meaning, for only those who directly approached you, or who you approached, can see them in greater detail. Teeth, claws and pads are all black, so that blank white expressionless eyes can be the only possible source of brightness on them, if any at all. The Yasuku only wear attachments or contain props which are all black, (or dark purple if not attacked to their bodies) to keep consistent with their image.

In the end, they all have their own personalities, which is everything from hyper and energetic, to silent and majestic, for it's about the unity and love within the tribe, acceptance, letting yourself truly be you, and knowing your voice can always match your fursuit, because they are not even easily defined as male or female, antlers don't represent gender or sex, but life itself.
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