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The Young Turks' Anthrocon Video


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Ok, so Anthrocon ended a little while ago, and all of the news sources had their fun with it, with almost no negative publicity coming from the press. But, it turns out that the popular Youtube talk show, The Young Turks, did a video on the con. Needless to say, it has the same connotations of the CSI episode, with the con being all about sex. This shouldn't be a surprise, as they blamed the guy that dressed up as a panda to have sex with kids on the fandom.

It's strange that that this has been ignored. Surely, with the popularity of The Young Turks and the mention of furs would make anyone cry out "FURSECUTION!" But no. I have yet to see this video surface on these forums.

So, without further ado, here is The Young Turks' Anthrocon video that reached more that 14,000 views, not to mention it reached all of their 144,000+ subscribers.



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For a second, I thought "Oh hey, this has already been posted" but then I saw it was just moved to the Den


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I remember that! It was actually p nice. :3
Animal Planet's show Weird, True, and Freaky had an episode called "Humanimals"

I think furries were like #2 on the list, #1 was the Cat Man


Animal Planet's show Weird, True, and Freaky had an episode called "Humanimals"

I think furries were like #2 on the list, #1 was the Cat Man
Coyote Osbourne the therian dude was on there too. He's actually a pretty okay guy. Cat Man is an elitist asshole though :/


Ugh yeah I like TYT 90% of the time but Cenk is just too opinionated. I get the impression he's homophobic too, though he pretends to be like 100% tolerant of course, lol.
He's not actually homophobic. He actually doesn't like it when the Focus on the Family groups make commercials against gay marriage.


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What worries me is that the creators of said video are intrigued by the animal roleplay secks, more-so than to what the furries are actually doing.

Were they both sexually abused in childhood or something?


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Oh no some dude behind a desk thinks that fursuiters have sex
this is teeerrrrible D:

\The most offensive thing about that video was that the 'suiters were dancing to a boy band


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No, I am seriously wondering why they find yiff so intriguing.

Because they're closet furries.

Because they were raped by dogs when they were toddlers.

Because aliens abducted them and fucked them while wearing animal costumes.

Seriously though, why do you care?