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Things in Video Games you Hate


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I remember hating this boingy red/white thing in Sonic 3

Before we had Internet at home, I'd never know you just had to press up and down on the controller while on it, instead of jumping, to pass through

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Weapons that are useless on enemies or bosses for no particular reason other than they force you to get better ones.
This, and pretty much any weapon you love, that gradually becomes more useless as you and creatures level up, making you have to settle for something more powerful, which finding or buying can be very unpleasant


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Power creep.

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*Me writing these down as someone who plans to be in said business, but covid said nah*

Uncontrollable random events that give NO actual warning or actual time to remotely prepare for it, especially in survival games.

Player: I wanna go kill this boss today.
Game: Ok.
Also Game: Jk, hound wave.
Me in middle of boss fight: The. What.

Basically playing don’t starve and every so often hounds come for you, your only warning is barking that gets louder, which comes only near a minute before it.
Seriously, it’s random how often the attacks come, and the window of knowing is so small, you’re fucked. Unless you’re base building.

I’ve been busy doing certain tasks that the hound waves make it hell, and the increased amount for later days make it annoying.
They’re easy to kite until 10 are on you.


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Frank Gulotta

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Artsy graphic novels labelled as videogames because you sometimes have to click to get the story to move. I love that it exists so there's a niche for whatever audience is interested, but I hate it personally, I like having to actually play


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Flight school in GTA San Andreas. This mission is killing me.
Lack of object permanence.

I can think of at least 2 or 3 games (All in the Ultima series, actually) where I either accidentally dropped an object or intentionally dropped an object I didn't think I needed anymore and found out near the end it was required to finish the game. With no way to retrieve the item I had to start over.

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Any update that destroys a game glitch or bug that actually makes the game better or more enjoyable without harming the gameplay itself, such as item duplication, or a trick that earns you a ton of currency with a few exchanges.
Not really hate, but I dislike when in RPGs there is an objective "best ending"
I like it way more when it´s like, every ending has its ups and downs, and you can only work towards the one you like most. Having a best one kinda cheapens the choices you make to get there tbh.


- Too many side quests. It overwhelms me because I feel like I gotta complete the whole game, but what ends up happening is I quit like halfway through. Y'all dunno how many attempts it took me to beat Skyrim because of that shit. I had to purposely force myself not to do any side quests to get through it. I don't mind a few here an there, but yikers.
- Platform mechanics in a game that isn't a platformer. I'm just awful at platformers, even extremely easy parts I struggle with. No idea why. When a game expects me to do platform mechanics out of nowhere... I either find a way around the mechanics, suffer through trying to do what most would consider easy, or quit.
- Grind in an RPG/MMO sense. I like survival grind to an extent. It's relaxing, I can listen to something in the background and tap one or two buttons on occasion while getting materials. Sometimes it's a little more involved, but generally speaking I can separate myself from the involved parts when I want to just chill. RPG grind tends to be "kill this same mob over and over to gain exp, then once you suffer for a few days multiple hours a day the game finally opens up for you". I. Hate. It.
- Surprise "fuck you" mechanics that can obliterate the entirety of what you accomplished and sometimes cannot be avoided or are only avoidable under certain circumstances. This includes things like permadeath or limited lives until game over, but it also includes mechanics you can find in some survival games. Ark for instance, there's a few that really grind my gears where you get little to no reaction time or if you're caught with your pants down you're just gonna get fucked and there's nothing you can do - it's avoid the mechanics or die. Don't Starve is another great example - it is way too punishing for me, I have to be in the mood to hate myself and have a friend with me who also wants to hate themselves to play that game anymore. It's such a shame because I love the game design and there are mechanics I love about it.

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i hate games that don't let you to do things you can do in real life like making bullets disappear after a certain distance or making your character ridiculously non-athletic.

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I hate when a game grants you an animal companion, usually a dog, and it's either through gameplay or at a point in the story that it dies, either as part of the story, or because I just wasn't being careful enough.
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When a game has great game feel, but not good motivation to take advantage of it, or vice versa.


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I hate when I play a game to riff on it with my partners only to find that it is unironically a good game.