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Things in Video Games you Hate


I really hate inventory restrictions, especially in survival-type games.

The stupid system of a grid with objects occupying a set of dimensions within it as with Resident Evil or Prey (2017). It's cumbersome and pointless and illogical.

This wrench occupies the same volume as dozens bottles of wine? Or 80 shotgun shells? Better yet, one cartridge takes up the space of the full stack even if I have a full stack minus one of a different type of ammo.

Games like Project Zomboid or CDDA are much better for this in my opinion, factoring in the weight and/or volume of an individual object respectively.


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"Random probability" that isn't random at all. Games like Fireaxis' XCOM, XCOM 2, and Rimworld are very heavily guilty of this.
In fairness, old-school X-Com was guilty of that, too, except it was actual randomness and save-scumming worked.

That was part of the charm, though, imo. We always called it X-Com Aim.
There's an alien in that doorway!
[Soldier unloads at the alien, hits every inch of the doorframe and never grazes the alien]
[Soldier dies immediately next turn]


I hate when I hear news about something that’s broken in an online RPG I like to play, and there’s no fixes to it for a long time.

There’s this very broken attack in a game I love, and it’s just ruining PvP for one of my favorite YouTubers, and I can see why it’s so broken. Been up for over a year now, and people have complained about it to admins. Still no fix though T_T

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characters that are part of some sort of minority because of plot related circumstances because god forbid a game could expose real corruption.
Don't know if it was mentioned already but... Rubberband AI in racing and rally games.

It's the cheapest, most annoying and least satisfying way to have opponents. I understand why it exists and how it's an easy way to give people of various skills and abilities a challenge, but it was annoying over 10 years ago and it's still as annoying now. I know the NFS games for example are as guilty as charged and I just cannot enjoy those games anymore. This is not even a thing like enemies getting harder and better gear and level up with you to keep the difficulty in the game(Oblivion or Skyrim for example). No we are talking about extreme handicaps and unrealistic cheat like benefits just because they are just so much worse than a good player and to compensate they can drive faster and corner faster than what would be realistically possible in the game normally.

I get more satisfaction out of dominating braindead AI due to my own personal abilities rather than seeing well executed racing get made fun of, just because developers designed the AI to drive better and eventually catch up no matter what. Drive like a handicapped sausage throughout majority of the race and take the few last turns ok just to end up winning. Or drive like a beast just to make some small mistakes in the end and have the AI pass you. Doesn't matter if you were 20 Seconds up on your previous run. It's garbage and I hate it. Filthy casual crap.


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Mental cameras that don't do as they're funking told
And ones that assume I'm a perv
I mean I am but konami shouldn't know me that well