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Things that irk you!



What are some of the things that irk you and irritate you in life?

Have to say crappy drivers who think they are NASCAR drivers but really suck at driving are some of the worst.


Biblethumpers who truly believe that the Earth and humanity are only a few thousand years old.


Otterest Sergal evah!
people who pretend to be smarter and/or more superior than they truly are. Want to slap them from the left, and say in Drill Sargent voice, "YOU ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE BUT YOURSELF AND PEOPLE AS STUPID OR MORE STUPID THAN YOU!"


Okami The Wolf is my crazy half!
People who don't use their blinker. Really?!? Is it that hard to reach your hand just off the edge of the steering wheel & push that little stick up or down? Even if I'm holding a cup of coffee & a cigarette, I can still manage to push the damn stick...
But then there are those who don't know how to turn their blinker off. They'll ride for 10+ miles with it flashing away. (My truck has a bell that dings if I leave mine on too long. And it's a 2004.) The ones that leave it on at night get me the most though. How can you not see that shit flashing on your dashboard?


I must say one of the things that really bothers me is when I'm listening to something like Van Halen and then somebody comes up and says my taste in music sucks, only to follow up with the response "Lil Yachty is way better than whatever it is you're listening to." I had that happen to me the other day when I was listening to Diver Down and it was about midway through the song Intruder which blends into Pretty Woman and some guy came up to me and wanted me to play some Yachty and all I could do was look at him like he just got let out of an asylum.


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People who seem to need to comment on literally every single thing happening in real life, they'll act like little dogs and point out leaves that fall in front of you lol

Kellan Meig'h

Kilted Luthier
Rap/dubstep music. That cr@p needs to be banned.
Off-duty cops that drive way too fast/blow stopsigns, then get pissed when I showed them no "Professional Courtesy" when I wrote them a ticket.
Telemarketers. Yeah.
Any type of cooking that requires the burning of spices. I have asthma.


Lost in the Static
All these crybabies that are triggered because people are using their freedom of speech and assembly to voice their legitamite concerns against Trump lol
"Just accept your president already!"
Admit it, if Hillary won you would be the guys in the streets protesting.


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Furs who don't realize commissions are a luxury good (like any type of art really).
I've had to deal with potential clients throwing a hissy fit through notes because I didn't accept to do a full pic for $20.


Furry related puns annnnddd people that piss away their money on buying things like commissions instead of paying their damn bills.