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Things that make you wanna puke!!


Random Melodic Music Maker
Well, actually there's one thing that makes me wanna puke
seeing the Puke of other people, i mean you can see the assorted things that they eaten. i mean once a kid puked near me while i was seating at a bench then i saw pieces of corn with chocolate and a brown thingy that i can't explain, along with chewed up soggy bread and stuff. it almost made me puked.

Well i want you to tell me, what's the most disgusting thing you ever saw that makes you wanna puke?


That lonely son of a bitch
Gore. Movie gore and that shit is okey but real... I don't even wanna think about it.


That lonely son of a bitch
I gotta agree with him. I have my reasons...


Terminally Pulchritudinous
Getting kicked/punched/bluntly traumatised between the legs.


Getting kicked/punched/bluntly traumatised between the legs.

This, and when ppl mix food together. Like, we'll be sitting at Denny's one night and two of my friends will start mixing their sauces together, and then throw some milk in it. no they don't eat it.


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The smell of vomit, and the sensation of anything approaching the back of my mouth when I don't want to swallow. I have a pretty ironclad constitution otherwise.

[Insert Family Guy puke-a-thon segment here]


Now with more Writer's Block!
I wanna make some sarcastic comment about crappy threads, but not today.

Uh... there are some foods that are just barf-tastic, bible thumpers, those that take the 9th sura of the Koran too seriously (basically Islamic Fundamentalists, their version of bible thumpers), and pretty much anyone who can be so bent on religion they think they can use it as an excuse to kill in the name of their "benevolent" god... (the aforementioned and the Catholic chruch are the big offenders here)

*sigh* what happened to tolerance and diversity?

EDIT: Hmm... kinda went off-topic there, huh?


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Posers, this girl named Emily, this girl named Stephanie, this girl named Christine, and I can't think of other shit at the moment.


The life, you have to live it.
Ha well story to go with mine. Was going to the state fair one fine day in July with my brother and another friend of mine. We proceeded to ride some rides and my friend said he didn't feel well, So I told him to man up and get on the next ride. If I had known what was to happen I would have advised him otherwise. About half way through the ride he just started vommiting uncontrollably on both me and my brother, at this time I was quite angry because this was just disgusting and started to shout many foul words. This led to them stopping the ride then i hopped off right quick and got to a restroom quickly to clean most of that disgusting bile and throwup. Had many strange looks walking along the main road covered in puke.


Nothing makes me want to puke. Puking is an involuntary bodily function, and just about the most unpleasant thing I've ever experienced. If a person wants to experience that they've got something wrong with them.


Certain foods, like grits and oatmeal. I can't take the feel of that stuff on my tongue and it make me gag. Also, the smell of a dead body. I can tolerate most bad smels, but not that.