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Things That You Hate v3.0


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Uneducated people on metal music and music in general. I don't give a shit how hypocritical I sound because I'm just speaking my mind on this one, but I cannot stand those who will gatekeep the metal genre only for brutal shit like death metal, metalcore, deathcore and trendy shit like that, and say anything older is not "metal", or comment on two songs being played side by side, both have all the same elements but they will say one is not "metal" just because of a certain band that's playing a song. I kind of just hate the whole "death", "brutal, "slam", "core" shit in general, or whatever you want to call it. Yes, there's huge extremism in black metal too, especially, but at least I can say the people are devoted and faithful to the music in a way that older elements and certain aspects of expression are preserved, and don't change to be trendy or some shit.

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Eat shit and die, tankie assholes
I could do the normie response and justsay 'muh job"

Though, really, it's more about talking to randos all day, sucks out a good portion of my social energy.
Faking giving a shit is way harder than actually giving a shit for me, and in customer facing you are probably faking it more often than not.
Ordering a sandwich or burger and finding out it's all soggy and wet.

I'm not angry at the cook, It's not their fault.

It's the humidity and moister.
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I hate that candywing is back...


vaporeon character != mushroom characters
... is back...?
there was some god mode stuff in pvp a while ago...

don't want to say anything more about other users


Happy Pride Everyone!! | Friendly Maney+Phoenix
And don't forget the spam and aggressive "rp"....


vaporeon character != mushroom characters
if they don't do it again then its fine


I hate it when I feel like I’m starting to hate something. I would much rather love things


vaporeon character != mushroom characters
i don't want to give much more details as faf really does not like talking about other users

the little bit of context was all i want to say


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Things NOT being even <close> to what is presented- new equipment, for one. Seriously, htf does a company stay in business pulling this kind of crap, let alone be a "Fortune 10" performer???