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Things That You Hate v3.0


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I never knew how much i hated my government healthcare glasses until my company provided medical insurace. These are so much cuter and nicer.


The Brutally Honest Man-Child
When people insist they aren't being toxic, but openly admit to asking their ex wife things like "How's your ex? Does he miss you yet?"
They're divorced with kids and the Mom starts seeing her ex-ex and it was short lived. They split... Dad wants to be nosey and keep tabs on if she's seeing anyone and asks about her ex.

1. If she wasn't seeing him, you're literally ripping open her wound for NO reason.
2. If she was back with him, you already gave him your seal of approval and trust him around your kids. WHY THE FUCK DOES IT MATTER IF SHE'S MOVING ON?

Kellan Meig'h

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I never knew how much i hated my government healthcare glasses until my company provided medical insurace. These are so much cuter and nicer.
I had a pair of safety glasses made by "Site For Sore Eyes" (yes, I will out them publicly) but I gave them a copy of my then-current prescription done by Kaiser Permanente Optical. This was about twenty years ago. The resulting glasses weren't even close! I could not see out of them at all! Since this was a freebee to the employees from my work, they (SFSE) would not re-do the lenses for free. Took the unusable glasses to Kaiser, they said the prescription was not mine at all. The new lenses made by Kaiser, at a cost of $200 USD, were effing perfect. Every two years you could get SFSE glasses by our contract. They never made them right unless you paid $75 USD for an exam, which was not covered by our union contract.


Everyone and their mother owns a pitbull where I live. Constantly off the leash by people who don't seem physically strong enough to handle them.

I don't care if they're near me. I just don't want them anywhere close to my dog (small breed). It instantly activates my dad reflexes when I see one.


Daedric Prince of Secrets
Chopping onions.


The Brutally Honest Man-Child
How people in my neighborhood act so trashy.
There's a woman that only communicates in full blown screams to her partner. I remember seeing him out in the yard trimming and keeping it tidy and she stood at the doorway screaming at him.
We lost power for about 6 hours a few nights ago and I remember people revving their cars and screaming outside. Not like 'hey, lets go outside and fool around' like 'I can't live without technology' screams.
People having more relationship issues in front of my house when I'm trying to work.

When I hear people raise their voice like that I assume the worst and wanna peek out to make sure no ones dying. But damn. It happens so much here I might have to start ignoring it...


Explosion loving skooma cat
I hate idiots.


It's becoming increasingly difficult for me to so much as even open my mouth to other people in this culture. Communicating with others just no longer seems worth it for me. This culture thinks it always find the irony in everything.

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Accidently stubbing my toe on a piece of furniture.


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Worshiper of Monster


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My period. It's not as bad as it used to be. It was worse before they removed a polyp in my uterus. Before I was bleeding more a month straight and only had a few days that the bleeding would stop. But I was so tired and just in so much pain. I was glad that I got it removed. But I still hate it. At least my body lets me know now when I'm going to have it now so I'm prepared but I would love not to have one anymore. I want a baby so I don't really want to deal with that at the moment. But when the time comes, I'm going to take care of it.


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I hate myself so much, my self worth has been pretty low lately. I thought I was doing okay this week, then my boss told me that I was essentially on thin ice and they’ve been angry at me for a long time. Which is understandable because I’m an awful employee with no passion for what I do, but I was caught off guard because it came out of nowhere. I can’t quit my job due to family connections and because it’d look bad on my resume, and I don’t think I’m getting fired just yet, but I don’t think I can exactly reverse my boss’s feelings towards me either, which has been exacerbated by COVID since I take it more seriously than most. So I just get to live with this toxicity for the foreseeable future.

Not to mention every time I go on social media I get jealous of everyone because they’re all better than me. Doing more with their lives, getting tons of love and attention from thousands of people. I waste so much time on the internet and playing video games. My friends say “oh don’t worry about it we all need to take breaks every once in a while,” but it’s not at all acceptable. I’m lagging behind everyone else. I still live with my parents, I have a job that I hate, I don’t have a boyfriend (and likely never will), and my art has stagnated. I can’t even say “well at least I’m a good person” because I know I’m an asshole.

And I also know these feelings are selfish, if I wasn’t so self-centered I wouldn’t be getting jealous and I wouldn’t be thinking so much about myself. I just want to be alone, forever, and that’s just about the most selfish desire one can have. I need to do better.