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Things to do on the last day of school


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Hurry guys! 1 day of school left. I'm a sophmore and I need something shwack to do before schools out! I'm exempt from my exams so tommorow will be my last day!


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You could put salt in ur least fav teachers tea/coffee. Or strip to ur underwear and run around the school shouting SPAM FRITTERS, SPAM FRIETTERS!!!!!

Or you could just make the most of your time there, because when it's over it's over, and you can never have the high school life again. Oh god I miss it...*cries*


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I just had another idea...go to the girl u fancy, (ir ur single) then just as the bell goes, grab her give her a snog then run out of the school, and leave her thinking over the holidays. It's how I got my first GF XD


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get expelled


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Bring a shotgun.
Help me do my exam.

one more week for me, 2 week of exam followed. :-(


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Drop kick your least favorite teacher. Start a food fight. Race down the hallway screaming, "FOR NARNIA!!!!"


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Go around to your teachers and thank them for the hard work they put in to try to teach your ungrateful ass.


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Go around to your teachers and thank them for the hard work they put in to try to teach your ungrateful ass.

I support this idea. It's good both straighforward and as an eventual sarcastic prank.


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Splice and tape up a cord (connect both wired together) and blow all the breakers. I did this on April 1st and created massive lulz. Might not want to do this unless you have some knowledge of electrical safety. Like diz yo.

Put molasses in any nooks and crannies. It will stink up like shit and will ferment over the summer.

Jell-O mix in the toilets. 'Nuff said.

Hope I got here in time and I take NO responsibility for what you do.
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Graffiti your rival school?

Kit H. Ruppell

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Start a fight.


Occasionally enjoys bass >3>
We're all riding bikes in the hallways. And I've done half of these things. My ex gave me an hj next to the gym door.